Find its uniqueness

Trouver sa singularité

A native of Chicago, the group Whitney made about him for the past few years, with two very good albums that have appeared on the market. The Journal spoke with Max Kakacek at the approach to the transition of the group to Montreal.

This is after having released three albums with the group Smith Westerns as Kakacek and drummer-singer Julien Ehrlich have decided to train Whitney, 2014.

Why such a name for the group ? “We were looking for something singular, answers the guitarist at the end of the wire. Looking at a list of names, the one of Whitney is out and we loved it, because it is not specific to a masculine or feminine gender. ”

In 2017, the group came to Montreal to attend the Osheaga festival. “I remember that Alabama Shakes played this evening and it was the first time that I saw them,” said Kakacek. This is a really cool festival. I spent part of the day to play basketball behind the scenes with the kids (laughs). ”

On the road

In a few days, Whitney will be back in the city for a third time, a few months after the release of his second album, Forever Turned Around.

“We are excited to get back on the road after a few weeks of rest. We will also be in Europe later this year. And we hope to work fairly quickly on our third album. ”

The group Whitney will be in concert on February 13 at Corona Theatre. For info : .

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