find out the number of people vaccinated in France, region by region

    find out the number of people vaccinated in France, region by region

    More than 138,000 people have been vaccinated against Covid-19 in France since the end of December. BFMTV takes stock of the number of doses injected, region by region.

    138,351: the number of people vaccinated against Covid-19 in France on January 11, 2021, according to the Ministry of Health. As a reminder, the campaign began on December 26, 2020 and initially concerned residents and “at risk” staff members of Ehpads.

    After being criticized by the opposition and many scientists, the government has decided to speed up the schedule and extend vaccination to other categories of people: caregivers, firefighters, home helpers over the age of 50 years old, disabled people taken care of in specialized homes … People over 75 years old can also be vaccinated from January 18.

    Is the goal of one million vaccinated by February achievable?

    This slight change of course in the vaccine strategy has made it possible to vaccinate more French people in recent days, as shown in the infographic below.

    With 138,351 people vaccinated on January 11, France nevertheless remains far behind its European neighbors: 2.68 million doses have already been administered in the United Kingdom, 701,623 in Italy, 613,347 in Germany, 406,901 in Spain …

    More vaccines in some areas

    If the differences remain minimal, there are already disparities between the French regions in terms of the doses of vaccines injected. Thus, in Normandy, 12,300 people have already been vaccinated, or 0.36% of the region’s population – the highest rate in mainland France.

    This is, proportionally, almost three times more than in Brittany where only 4534 people received a dose of vaccine, or 0.13% of the population. You can see the number of people vaccinated in your area on the map below.

    2.2 million doses available to France in January

    2.1 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine will have been delivered by the end of January if orders from France go as planned. Following the conditional marketing authorization granted by the European Commission to Moderna on January 6, 100,000 doses of this second vaccine should also be delivered by the end of the month.

    The pace of deliveries should then gradually accelerate until the summer as we explained in this article, unless certain vaccines are refused their marketing authorization.

    Louis Tanca BFMTV reporter

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