Find out what is the danger of beer and bottled water

Узнайте, в чём опасность пива и бутилированной воды

The popular drink was discovered microparticles of plastic. When the penetration into the body of the plastic particles the effects can cause asthma, autoimmune diseases, and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Plastic particles in recent years increasingly found in food and beverages, as reported on the official page of the UN on Twitter, citing data from the International economic forum.

“Today, the volume of plastic produced by a human, equal to 8.3 billion metric tons – more than any other material except steel and cement. Recently, the element has been found in bottled water, canned fish, oysters, honey and beer,” informs post on the page of the UN in the social network.

The problem of plastic pollution of the environment, according to estimates by scientific experts, is acquiring increasing relevance. 30 years ago the risk to suffer from ingestion of plastic micro-particles were exposed to only people who worked in the production of plastic products.

Today to get a lethal dose of chemicals runs the risk of almost any. Scientists say that microparticles of plastic are present in the upholstery, carpets, in vents, home appliances, clothing them synthetics. Even just breathing the air outside can get a hefty dose of tiny plastic particles.

One consolation is that this problem does not remain without attention. Recently, the countries “the Big seven” has announced his initiative to start a decisive struggle with the plastic and up to 2030 to establish recycling 100% of all plastic waste.

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