Find out why women around the world glue tape or sticky tape on the back of the head

What helps to cope such a strange way and why today it is very popular?

Дізнайтеся навіщо жінки по всьому світу клеять скотч або липку стрічку на потилицю

Youth and external beauty is not eternal, so women often resort to various ways for as long as possible to stay young.

Sometimes ways to return the youth seem to be absolutely absurd, for example, pasting tape on the neck.

What helps to cope such a strange way and why today it is very popular?

No one can be saved from wrinkles, and what’s more youthful than her passport – neck. It neck are more susceptible to the appearance of sagging, marinestore.

An original method to hide the problem areas of the dermis in the neck invented by the bloggers. To carry out the tightening of the skin on the neck can be yourself at home, without resorting to major cosmetic products that require large financial costs.

In addition, this method demonstrates excellent results. For the procedure required only Scotch tape or sticky tape.

This technique has already been tested on thousands of women. All you need to do is to collect “extra” sagging skin on the neck, fix it with adhesive tape, to hide her hair. The result is simply newoort for a moment, Your skin looks taut, youthful!

Such a method might look absurd but it really works. Today a huge number of women are already using this technique.

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