fined for not wearing a mask, he injures himself to accuse the police

    fined for not wearing a mask, he injures himself to accuse the police

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    A 40-year-old man was sentenced to six months in prison on Monday, January 4, for false denunciation of a crime and contempt of a person holding public authority and threats of death. The facts go back to Wednesday, December 30, at the Saint-Lazare station in Paris. The 40-year-old had just been fined for not wearing a mask while filming four police officers, explains The Parisian.

    He allegedly started insulting them and making death threats against an officer and his children. He had been handcuffed. There, he allegedly butted the wall in order to pass off his injury as police violence. Except that a policeman was filming the scene.

    He only recognizes insults

    In court, the defendant justified the insults by the fine of 135 € for not wearing the mask he had just scooped, “while I was not able to offer Christmas presents to my children. He denied the death threats and denied having feigned police violence. He also assured that he was not filming the agents, but the station.

    The twelve mentions of his criminal record show acts of rebellion and repeated death threats against a spouse. His lawyer asked that he not be incarcerated. His sentence will therefore be adaptable, so that he can keep his job. The police lawyer for his part noted that it was “rare that people who denounce police violence are tried for having lied. “

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