Fines for Russian for children and disputes with the Venice Commission. What will movny Ombudsman Tatyana Monakhova

Штрафы за русский для детей и споры с Венецианской комиссией. Чем займется мовный омбудсмен Татьяна Монахова

His first briefing was given movny Ombudsman Tatyana Monakhova. Or as it have nicknamed in the people “sprechender”. Which will protect the Ukrainian language, submitting to the courts for those who can speak it.

“Country” is mentioned, who is Tatyana Monakhova. She is associate Professor of Nikolaev and advocate of Ukrainization. Including forcible methods of its implementation. Her ideal is “homogeneous monolith of Ukrainians.” That is not a variety of the Ukraine and especially the Ukrainian language.

Today’s conference, the organization of the Ministry of culture, has shed new light on the beliefs and plans Monakhova. Here are its main application.

“The machine protection of the Ukrainian language”

Tatiana began his briefing with a statement of mythologizing movnogo of the law. Everything wrong understand it. They say, in the private sphere it does the rights of the people not restrict.

“However, if the person appears before the state as a citizen and appeals to the state: protect me, teach me, heal me, give me a job, then the state requires the use of the state language”, – explained the essence of the law is presented.

Obviously, what is said is not true. The law translates into the Ukrainian language the whole private service sector – restaurants, hotels, shops. Book publishing and press. And even allows itself to interfere in the private workflow.

That is, it is a complete Ukrainization of the public sphere, not just “communication between citizens and the government”.

Yes, and the quote sounds ambiguous: if we were supplicants of the state, and not the taxpayers, due to which it exists.

Monakhova reassured that criminal liability for violation of the law is not only the penalties from 20 to 700 untaxed minimum. “Today it’s 9800-11 700 UAH”, – said the Ombudsman.

She said her goal for the next six months – “start the car legal protection of Ukrainian language”. Later Monakhova said that it is the legal Department for the filing of claims and the Department of linguistic expertise.

We will also create a Public Board where invited “all the activists for the protection of the state language”. Where Monakhova already called for his chief rival movnogo Ombudsman – Taras Cremina.

Shock Ukrainization of Donbass

Have Monakhova asked as it relates to the regional status of the Russian language – this issue is being discussed in connection with the subject of the reintegration of Donbass.

The Ombudsman stated that article 10 of the Constitution declares Ukrainian language as the only state. “The unconstitutional things you will not hear from me,” said Monakhov.

Note that the same article also promises to free development of Russian language. However, the Ombudsman did not mention it. But I was told that the Donbass will Ukrainize reinforced methods.

“There is a problem is the actual lack of the state language in those public spheres that provided by law. And obviously we will develop a strategy of measures, humanitarian, cultural. People need not only to penalize, but also to motivate them to switch to the Ukrainian language”, – said the Ombudsman.

“In a personal, informal communication they can use the language they’re more comfortable,” let Monakhov.

The conclusions of the Venice Commission

Monakhova commented on theses that have published recently the Venice Commission to monomo law.

They said that the rights of national minorities are not taken into account at all, and without a separate law, which would have defended them, the language law is discriminatory.

However, he noted that embedded in the legislation mowee opportunity to study Ukrainian is a plus. This was focused Monakhov. Saying that the rest will be uccino is now being developed to the law on national minorities.

“And that’s where all these wishes will be taken into consideration. Obviously, that will prepare the official response and replica our to these comments,” said Monakhov. That is, Ukraine will not be unique to accept the recommendations of the Venetian, and intends to challenge them.

A nearby Deputy Minister of culture Anatoly Maksimchuk said that the Venice Commission is the question of why Kiev divides the languages of the indigenous peoples and minorities from the EU and all the rest. “It is a question of dialogue,” he said.

Monakhova said that the development of the law on national minorities does not participate. But he said already been made, the thesis that Russians living in Ukraine, have a country that protects the Russian language is Russian. So they are indigenous people and are not considered.

This is a strange thesis. I wonder how technically Russia would protect their rights in Ukraine? Or is it a veiled invitation to emigrate to Russia? That is, apparently, a new law on national minorities only confirms the discrimination of the largest minorities.

What will happen to the service sector

Monakhova said that the fine workers of sphere of services will not immediately. They have to appeal to customers in the Ukrainian language. But if the client goes to the Russian, he can answer in Russian.

“It’s the same in the medical field. … If the patient with your doctor have agreed that they will be more comfortable with another language, orally. That is, a man came and asks about their health. And wants to hear it in Armenian. And the doctor knows and can Armenian Armenian to explain is not prohibited by law,” said the Ombudsman, carefully avoiding mention of the Russian language.

Monakhova have asked how to be with children’s circles in Kiev, which, according to the journalist, most of them Russian speakers – due to the fact that the children speak Russian. The Ombudsman said that all the clubs have to move into the Ukrainian language.

“The default should be the Ukrainian language. This means that for the first time they clarify the law, and the second is fine. All this is in the law,” said Monakhov.Source

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