Fire at Bombardier in Northern Ireland: no significant impact

Incendie chez Bombardier en Irlande du Nord: pas d’impacts importants

The major fire that occurred Sunday in the Bombardier plant in Belfast, Northern Ireland, was ultimately not done too much damage.

The quebec-based company has said in news release Monday that the impacts to customers would be “minimal” since the loss was concentrated in a single area of its facilities.

“Although some of the machines and part of the roof are damaged, no aircraft structure or assembly of aerostructure has not been damaged,” said Bombardier.

“After the safety inspections, in-depth, work has resumed normally in other areas of the factory,” said the quebec company, which employs about 3,000 people in Belfast.

Bombardier has pointed out that it is thanks “to the incredible work” of the fire department and its team of health and safety, as well as its infrastructure of fire prevention as the fire could be mastered in less than two hours.

No one was injured. There were no employees on site when the event occurred.

The fire would have started in a machine to 20: 45 local time. It would therefore be accidental, but authorities in northern ireland will conduct an investigation to determine its exact origin.

The Bombardier plant, located on the quays of Belfast, in the east of the city, is one of the largest employers in Northern Ireland.

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