Fire of bog: twenty firefighters from Lévis, in reinforcement at Rivière-Ouelle, qc

Feu de tourbière: vingt pompiers de Lévis en renfort à Rivière-Ouelle

Twenty firefighters from Lévis will go to lend a helping hand, as of Monday evening, the fire of Rivière-Ouelle within the Bas-Saint-Laurent to try to contain the fire of peat which has raged since Friday.

The City of Lévis is said to have responded to the call of the government, which has asked the fire services of several municipalities in the last few hours.

“Geographically, in the ten largest cities in the province, it is the city most closely, therefore, it is a factor which was taken into account and we are very proud of that,” help them, said the mayor of Lévis, Gilles Lehouillier, during a press briefing virtual in the late afternoon, a few minutes before the session of the city council.

“We will allocate 20 fire for (their) help, a start a fire-engine and a trailer with different types of pumps to support the operation on the ground. This is pretty catastrophic, what happens there,” he said, noting that the fire that raged has already shaved more than 325 acres of forest.

“Quickly, we started to walk to work in us, and we will be able to go there tonight, around 20h. We will have the first delegation of firefighters who will be on site and will put at the disposal of the municipal authorities in collaboration with colleagues from the SOPFEU. We will have a chief operations officer who will be on site in order to ensure the health and safety at work of our employees”, added the director of the fire service, Luc de la Durantaye.

“We will remain attentive on the development of the situation in order to make a new analysis after each day of work of our firefighters. It is expected that our teams are on-site for at least the next 72 hours,” he said.

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