First activity-benefit for Réno-jouets since the pandemic

Première activité-bénéfice pour Réno-Jouets depuis la pandémie

Ambassador of the organization, the vice-prime minister Geneviève Guilbault invites the public to donate generously for the first activity of financing of the Fondation Réno-jouets since the beginning of the pandemic.

The organization should take in the 15th edition of his dinner-annual income, his charity event the most important day of the year, last April. Of course, COVID-19 forces, it had to be canceled, preventing the Fondation Réno-jouets to hand over more than $ 130,000 in donations, if we rely on the previous year.

However, as public Health now allows the gatherings of 250 people, the foundation will hold a first fundraising event on 23 September. For the occasion, the public will be able to attend a performance by comedian and impressionist, André-Philippe Gagnon, as well as an auction to benefit the organization.

“It is important to me”

Met in the premises of Réno-jouets, the minister of public Safety, Genevieve Guilbault, who was to be the honorary chair of the fundraising dinner this year, explained the importance of the foundation for families in Quebec.

“Yes, they are toys. This is not a need for survival as such. But the toys, the games, the books, it is very important in the development of children, so it is important to me, ” says Ms. Guilbault, which is the mother of two young children.

It is also one of the reasons that have led to financially support the organization, with its own money, to ensure its survival in this critical period.

“It is a pity, but expected, tells the minister about the cancellation of the benefit supper. Fortunately, we have been unable to live Réno-jouets otherwise, for example with video clips, ” says the minister.

“I like to help my world”

Well happy to see her again and to be able to raise for the maintenance of its activities, Genevieve Guilbault ensures that his / her involvement with the foundation gives it a lot.

“This is exactly why I decided to make the political to the core. I like to help my world, to help people who really need it, and that is of direct service to the population, ” she said.

Furthermore, she wishes that the population be mobilized to help the foundation, which has distributed over one million toys to various organizations since 2006.

“It is for our children that we do. Every donation helps directly, and exponentially, other children. I hope that we will be able to raise as much money as possible [23 September] to restart the activities as vigorously as possible, ” she concludes.

The mission

The Fondation Réno-jouets is a charity which works in the fight against poverty. To do this, she says toys recycled and refurbished to organizations coming to the aid of children from disadvantaged families or sick children. Active since 2006, the Foundation was born thanks to the store Réno-jouets, a non-profit organization.

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