First aerial view of Super Mario World amusement park in Japan | Games

First aerial view of Super Mario World amusement park in Japan |  Games

After a long wait, Universal Studios Japan has announced that the Super Mario section of the large theme park will open on February 4, 2021. The opening date is earlier than expected. Last month, Nintendo said that the new part could not be visited until spring. At the moment, visitors can already enjoy themselves in a Mario themed café and shop with Mario merchandise in the amusement park in the metropolis of Osaka. Work is also underway on a Donkey Kong section in the amusement park. In the future, Nintendo sections are also planned for the Universal parks in Singapore and the US cities of Los Angeles and Orlando. AR Roller Coaster The amusement park and Nintendo have also lifted a corner of the veil on the attractions that will become part of the Super Mario section. The big eye-catcher should be the Mario Kart inspired roller coaster with AR (Augmented Reality). It is built in boss Bowser’s castle, an iconic location from the Mario games. The attraction is brought to life even more through the use of AR and the projection of video animations on 3D objects. Anyone who takes a ride on the roller coaster gets a special AR headset, which looks like Mario’s hat. This makes it look like the virtual objects you see in the area are real.The roller coaster seats look like the cars from the popular Mario Kart game and are equipped with a steering wheel. According to Universal Studios Japan, no rollercoaster ride is the same because you race against the other occupants. Read more under the photo The roller coaster is built in the castle of final boss Bowser. © Kyodo / via Reuters Corona measures The amusement park says it is working on safe working conditions for visitors and employees. The number of corona infections has risen significantly in the past week, but Japan has been able to prevent a lockdown so far. In the country, the focus is on wearing face masks and tracing contacts. Disney announced last week that it would lay off some 32,000 employees, especially in the theme parks. The reason for the mass layoff is ‘the current situation, especially the corona virus’. There are 4,000 more layoffs, on top of the 28,000 announced in September. Roller coaster Mario Kart Station. © Kyodo / via Reuters Free unlimited access to Showbytes? Which can! Log in or create an account and don’t miss out on the stars. Yes, I want unlimited access for free

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