First birth of a giant panda in the netherlands

Première naissance d’un panda géant aux Pays-Bas

One of the giant pandas loaned by China to the netherlands gave birth to a baby in a wildlife park with a Dutch, a first for the country, announced on Saturday that the zoo Ouwehands.

The little one, whose sex is not yet known, was born on the 1st of may, “after a long period of uncertainty” following the mating of two giant pandas in January, announced in a press release the officials of the zoo Ouwehands in Rhenen (centre).

“This little one is born and was conceived naturally thanks to the patience and expertise of the team of the zoo, was delighted with his owner Marcel Boekhoorn, who is quoted in the press release.

The parents, the female Wu Wen and the male, Xing Ya, had been lent in 2017 for a period of 15 years by the China to the netherlands, where there had not been a couple of this mammal in the last three decades.

The new-born, that ” all is well “, will be able to stay in the netherlands for four years, before being sent to China, said the zoo.

The sex of the baby will be known only in a few months when he leaves the maternity, the moment from which he may be named, explained the park.

Since 2016, the giant pandas are not “in danger” of extinction on the red list of the international Union for conservation of nature (IUCN). But the species, however, remains ” vulnerable “. About 500 pandas in captivity and 2000 in the wild live in China.

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