First festival of The Humor 100 % digital

Premier festival de L’Humour 100 % numérique­­

Even if he still hopes to be able to keep his “real” festival in the fall, the Just for laughs Group will present its first digital festival next week. With the FSTVL HAHAHA, the organization made a grimace virtual COVID-19.

Announced last month, the first digital festival Just for laughs propose 18 shows a virtual four days, featuring some sixty artists.

Contrary to what was thought initially to the organizers, few performances will be in the stand-up classic.

Mathieu Dufour

“When we started the project, we said that the artists would do the stand-up, says Patrick Rozon, vice-president of the francophone content of Just for laughs. Finally, we realized that the comedians wanted to make the shows concept ! There will be lots of things exploded, including drama, music and round tables with guests. ”

Because of these surprising solutions, the organization decided to postpone its week-long festival. “With all of the crazy ideas that artists had, that there was a lack of shooting days,” says Patrick Rozon. Anyway, I don’t think that people had already circled the dates on their calendar (laughs) ! ”

Marianna Mazza

Filmed in advance

Almost all of the performances of this first edition will be filmed in advance. In fact, only Mathieu Dufour, who will present a gala dinner with guests on Saturday at 21 h, will make interventions in direct.

Why not showcase more content live ? “We realized that the live had a lot of risk,” says Patrick Rozon. For a first festival, mounted in four weeks, we preferred to turn in advance. It allows us to go further in the ideas. ”

Maxim Martin and his daughter Livia

The filming, which took place mostly in the homes of comedians over the last few days have not been easy for the organization. “The rules of the COVID are very stringent, said Patrick Rozon. There is a technician who has to clean it all up before and after. It is the hell ! All the shoots were longer than expected. ”

Among the events offered, there will be a talk show hosted by Maxim Martin and her daughter Livia. Olivier Martineau will of ribald songs. P-A Méthot will play his best hits music. The Major Flooding will be sketches with comedians and writers. And Denis Coderre will be making an appearance ” somewhere ! “lance Patrick Rozon.

The Pic-Bois

Think of the “Plan C”

Counting the comedians, a hundred people are currently working on the FSTVL HAHAHA. Almost all of the energy of the Group JPR are so focused on this event at this time. And what happens to the “true” festival, scheduled from 29 September to 11 October ?

“There’s a month and a half, I was sure for 85 % that it would take place. Now, I may be down to 40 %, recognizes Patrick Rozon. It is for that reason that we searching for what I now call “Plan C”. Next to tv, to galas, we have already three different scenarios that the publisher has approved. They are going to take place. We’ll see how the public health will guide us there. For all the other shows we had, we will see according to the rules and we will adapt. ”

The first edition of the FSTVL HAHAHA will be held from 28 to 31 may. Passes for the whole weekend are available at a cost of $ 40. The daily ticket, which allows you to see up to five shows, costs as to him of $ 12. For all the details :

Three funny videos

After 10 weeks of confinement, the comedians are trying more than ever to let their creativity via social networks. Here are three that have distinguished themselves in the last days.

Badouri fun

Rachid Badouri is one of the comedians who have most quickly adopted the social network TikTok ( during the pandemic. Operator very well to the platform with short videos visual, the comic was particularly amused with the song In the Air Tonight, Phil Collins, and the food in a pantry. Concise and hilarious.

Bousaidan is creative

Confined in solo, Mehdi Bousaidan decided to exploit his creativity in his free time, which are more numerous than before. On TikTok (, the stand up comedian has fun sometimes to play different characters that respond to. It has also been able to see him joke with the storage of plastic dishes (the famous Tupperware).

Bond in quarantine

Philippe Bond takes advantage of his quarantine work on his land. The problem ? The humorist is not so skillful in manual work, as the story goes, his neighbor Francis in very funny capsules labeled Phil hyperactive… in quarantine the comic sharing on Instagram (@philbondhumoriste).

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