First one-man show: the triumph of Sam Breton

Premier one-man-show: le triomphe de Sam Breton

A few years ago, there was not so long ago, Sam Breton was with her parents in the salle Albert-Rousseau, to see his comedy favorite. On Tuesday, he was on stage and he triumphed in front of a room filled to its maximum capacity.

Awarded the title of discovery of the year at the last Gala des Olivier, comedian a native of Laurier-Station was a bit like his home, Tuesday, for the second performance of his first show entitled The pic pis to shovel.

“The feeling that lives in me the idea that I will produce in this room is difficult to describe”, he remarked, in an interview, in the beginning of the week.

The humor from the perspective of Sam, the Breton is based on anecdotes and stories, sometimes wild, in which he lived, that he gets better and that he has put to his hand.

He hops around, shrugs, and moves to support what he says. Its flow is very rapid and the rhythm of his sentences is unbridled. It, sometimes, in all directions.

A good storyteller, he keeps the interest of the public, even if these stories are not immensely funny. His humor is, at times, a bit juvenile, at the bottom of the belt and without neither head nor tail.

Second degree

He plays with the differences between the world regions, where he grew up, and Montreal, where he settled to become a comedian. He laughs, ridicules and pays a whole treats his mom that he calls her “ti-loune”.

“It bothers those we love”, he added, specifying that he loves his mother, while calling it with a big expletive.

Sam Breton offers good moments here and there, and there are good lines, such as its number on Henry the hedgehog, the one where he says that there may be no children and the importance of addressing suicide.

“I have threatened the children hanging, and you laughed. You have understood the second degree”,-he mentioned, explaining his method to bring the children kings, but in the right way.

At the end of his show, the crowd rose to give him a warm ovation. There is no doubt, the career of Sam Breton is very well-launched. It remains only to Polish it all up.

Sam Breton will return to the salle Albert-Rousseau on April 17, and may 14, 2020.

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