First trip: what to visit, not to be disappointed

There is little that can compare to the anticipation of the first trip.

Перша подорож: що відвідати, аби не розчаруватися

There is little that can compare to the anticipation of the first “big” flight – the thrill of the unknown, the excitement of new experiences and anticipation of something really interesting. We have compiled a list of countries for first timers going on a long journey, informs Rus.Media.

Whether you’re a novice or already visited all the neighboring countries, first big trip is always very exciting. It is impossible to predict what awaits you, but you can reduce the risk of disappointment by choosing the right place for your adventures.


If you are looking for a mixture of culture, beach life, pristine and colorful cuisine, you’re in Thailand. Most likely, you will arrive in Bangkok and energy of this capital city are just the beginning of what lies ahead of you. Wander the streets of Khao San road, try a real pad Thai and visit the ancient temples of Bangkok, before heading into the jungle toward the North or South on the Golden beaches that are taken from the brochure of Paradise.

Перша подорож: що відвідати, аби не розчаруватися

In Thailand, there is good tourist infrastructure with clear navigation and strong taste of the exotic – the perfect choice for those looking for culture shock, but with a “safety cushion”.

Where next: after Thailand you can visit Cambodia – the majestic temples, the landscapes are breathtaking and stunning kitchen – like the usual Asian set, but more original and not yet run-in conveyor tourists.


Canadians are known for their friendliness, so don’t hesitate to talk to the “aborigines”, you can get tips and valuable information about activities and attractions first hand.

Перша подорож: що відвідати, аби не розчаруватися

Due to its vast territory, Canada offers a million opportunities for travelers to see bears, bison, moose, deer and elk in Alberta, to see the great Northern lights in the Northwest territories, and dip in a mixture of culture cities in North America and Europe in Quebec. You will be able to see all proud of Canada and Canadians – in this country, excellent transport network and all you need is time.

Where to next: if you enjoy mountains, deserts, lively cities, places like lost in time, then your next step is USA.


Explore Europe the best of Portugal: a safe, inexpensive and easy country in which tourists are fewer than in neighboring States, and that means less people and shorter queues.

The Portuguese capital Lisbon and the second most popular city of Porto are attracting more and more visitors. Start your journey in one of these cities and go inland to get to know the real culture, not standardized under the global templates.

Перша подорож: що відвідати, аби не розчаруватися

Where to next: go to Malta – a relaxed, inexpensive and compact island, perfect for a relaxing stroll, breathing story streets. In addition, if you go there in the off-season, you can enjoy the pleasant weather without the crowds


If you love the road, then go to Germany, famous for its smooth highways. Basically all drivers adhere to the right side, giving way to those traveling faster.

But if you want to change the wheel on a couple of Beers, then your attention offers enchanting medieval towns and castles with beer culture, which has brought Germany the glory of the country hops. By the way, German precision can be evaluated by using public transport – punctuality of the Germans has long been competing with the Japanese commitment.

Перша подорож: що відвідати, аби не розчаруватися

Where to go: car ride – the perfect way to explore the breathtaking Norwegian landscapes. The excellent infrastructure brings together many beautiful places and a network of tunnels, ferries and the serpentines makes it available for viewing almost every fjord and the sights of the country.


Fiji is an ideal option for those seeking a Paradise in the Pacific ocean. Here and the rest will find couples, families and even those travelling alone. Many resorts offer the opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of the indigenous inhabitants of Fiji, their songs and dances. And fans of wildlife and animals will be long remembered by the underwater life of the inhabitants of coral reefs.

Перша подорож: що відвідати, аби не розчаруватися

Where to go in Costa Rica for beautiful beaches and resorts for lovers of “slow” relaxation and adventure for travellers – few returned without rave reviews about local nature


In Japan it is very convenient to travel and move around using public transport you can reach any point of interest. In Japan are some of the best ski resorts in the world, about Japanese nature compose songs and poems, and draw the city lights and manmade wonders. And the food… well, grab a size larger in pants. By the way, the Japanese are incredibly hospitable and polite people, so to establish contact with the locals is not difficult.

Перша подорож: що відвідати, аби не розчаруватися

Where to go: although Oman is not like Japan and possesses other, only to him characteristic, its people are also friendly and want to show visitors his beautiful country.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a separate “tip” for travelers, foodies, culture vultures and thrill. Thanks to its compact and easy to transport infrastructure, you can walk the wild trails through minute to sit in the car, and in an hour and to drink local wine, and the next day to visit the places where they filmed “Lord of the rings”. New Zealand has become quite a popular place to travel in the southern hemisphere, so you can easily find yourself a friend for tasting of oysters, skydiving or exploring the starry sky.

Перша подорож: що відвідати, аби не розчаруватися

Where to next: New Zealand’s little that can compare, so your next destination should be really impressive. Argentina! Stunning landscapes, wonderful cuisine, local wine, tango lessons and a vibrant night life can compete with New Zealand. Here not so fast you get from point A to point B, but the adventure will always be worth the effort.