Fisherman three years nursed a wounded crocodile. And that’s how the predator responded

The crocodile is an animal at the meeting which I want to run my best. However, there are people who found a common language with him.

Рибак три роки доглядав за пораненим крокодилом. І ось як хижак його віддячив

In Costa Rica the man has long cared for the wounded crocodile, helping him recover after a serious injury. This case once again proved that between humans and predatory animals may be established strong ties of friendship, informs Rus.Media.

The crocodile was shot and left for dead on the banks of the river. Happened to be in the place of the fisherman Gilberto Shedd nicknamed Chito, he could not leave him to certain death. He took it home and for six months fought for life: treated and fattened birds and fish. Chito was busy all day with the crocodile and often slept next to him. Show love with hugs and kisses and even addressed him by the name “Pocho”.

After a long rehabilitation Pocho recovered and gained strength. Chito decided that it was time to return in his natural habitat, and released into the river near the house. But Pocho was so attached to fishing that refused to be left alone and returned to the house in which he spent so much time.

The Ministry of environmental protection allowed legally to stay in the crocodile Chito and in the two decades he became a real member of the family.

Both have learned to fully trust each other. For hours they played and swam together, Renr even began to respond to his name. During all these years the tourists and the scientists who study animal behavior, admired the unusual relations of the couple.

In 2011, of natural causes Pocho died. His family has organised a farewell ceremony. Pocho was recognized as cultural heritage of Costa Rica, and his effigy is still in the Museum.