Five. A dozen. Tag. Deputies from “public Servants” began to receive a salary in envelopes

Пятерка. Десятка. Пятнашка. Депутаты от "Слуги народа" начали получать зарплату в конвертах

The latest scandal inside the party “public Servants” and the tax Committee with mutual accusations of corruption, drew public attention to the subject – how to actually make a living out of people’s representatives of the ruling party.

There were different rumors that ze-deputies almost without exception take the “pocket”, not disdaining and 5 thousand dollars for a crucial vote.

At the same time, the Country, talking to many MPs, as well as having received information from their sources in the President’s Office, found a much more global problem.

If briefly – that “servants of the people” began to pay salaries in envelopes. That is, black cash, without paying taxes.

It is no secret that such practices existed in the previous convocations of the Rada, however, “the Servant of the people” rejected it outright. Like, we all will be fair.

But if the information we have been informed by several people’s deputies, if confirmed, it would mean that the former arrangements remain in force, and “public servants” getting black money and tax evasion for the revenue, which is a crime (article 212 of the Criminal code).

“I almost started food riots”

MPs from the faction of “Servant of the people” in early October, the mass received the first payment of “wages” in envelopes. This “Country” was told by the deputies of the faction.

“The fraction is very heterogeneous. There are rich and poor members. Those who live on one salary (she averages plus or minus 40 thousand before taxes – Ed.), those who owns a business and has several deputies. From the first day overdue question, who, how and in what proportion will pay the money in the absence of party funds and understandable to donors. The first month was not paid – and I almost started food riots. And then came the money…” – tells us one of the deputies of the “public Servants”.

According to a source in fraction, means tranche was distributed in different proportions.

“The leaders got a lot on 25-50 thousand dollars on hand. Party bosses mid – level like Deputy heads of the faction – 15 thousand dollars. Others handed out “ten” and “five” depending on rank, status and functions of the Deputy. Paid as the deputies passed on the list and constituencies,” said the MPs.

“Where are the dollars in our state? Fear God”

At the same time, none of the respondents “Country” in the margins of the Rada deputies from the faction of the servant of the people not officially admitted that he gets additional payment in an envelope, but rumors about this for many came up.

“Babka – Babka said. Perhaps some groups of someone’s orbit and help, but this is nonsense and fiction,” said “Country,” the head of the servant of the people David Arakhamiya.

A member of Andrew Strychalski at all surprised at hearing a combination of “in dollars”.

“Where are the dollars in our state? Fear of God,” he said.

MP Iryna Venediktova, too, says the money is not taken. “We need to understand what kind of payments going on, maybe someone gets the envelopes in some lobbying, but it is political corruption, and I’m sure that this issue is not widespread,” she said to the correspondent of “Country”.

The money was not all

However, unofficially, the deputies, and sources close to the President’s Office, tell a much more amazing things.

“The money is distributed manually from the boiler, which is maintained by the head of the Office of the President Andriy Bogdan. Several times he consulted with Deputy heads of the faction, and Razumkova and Arakhamia to find out the financial situation, the degree of loyalty of the Deputy, as well as involvement in a particular group influence”, – said the Deputy.

For example, the deputies focused on the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky has not received the money.

“They are separately supervised, and most likely financed by Kolomoisky Igor Palitsa. They are in their program. For some unknown to me,” says a source close to the leadership of the party.

According to him, the list of deputies who received a salary in an envelope did not get the MPs also managed the so-called “anticolonial coalition” focused on Elijah Pavlyuk other President who now leads the fight against Kolomoisky of control over the flow.

“The exact number of people receiving wages in envelopes, is difficult to call. These envelopes are distributed according to the Deputy head of the faction, and those distributed between the groups. Everything is done in secrecy,” says the source.

Where is the money in the common Fund

The total amount of the first tranche, according to the “Country” amounted to 1.6 million dollars.

However, the money contributed to the common Fund, there are various rumors.

Some say that the money Igor Kolomoisky.

“This is a psychological trick. Kolomoisky Bank, shows that controls the process that he – trusted, exclusive businessman in power. He knows that he will not give, will give Rinat or Pinchuk. His task is not to admit to the trough of the other oligarchs. Kolomoisky have a little tantrum did not happen when Akhmetov marked the territory gift of 200 ambulances. And now he Igor marks the territory, helping to stimulate MPs. And then benny, of course, will be asked to fulfill the request. And not just one. But the money from it more may not be. And requests will” – says a source close to the Bank, and Kolomoisky.

According to other sources, the money was not from Kolomoisky and from a number of businessmen who were “diagrams” with Poroshenko and now pay to them and stay.

There is also a version that is generally a hodgepodge of different “wards” of various oligarchs, including Kolomoisky, and other.

Hidden form of corruption

According to the former Deputy Prosecutor General David Sakvarelidze a hidden form of corruption of power is fraught with serious consequences.

“There will be a big disappointment if all it will reveal. It was necessary to lie from the start, and honestly say that salaries are low, and increase their need due to the budget. And that was previously paid in envelopes of the party offices filled with oligarchs, but it’s all different now, all honest and out there. They take commitments to specific sponsors, and would be better to take them before the people. If the information is confirmed, the lie detector will not help them”, – Sakvarelidze said “Country”.Svetlana Kryukova, Julia Korzun, Vlad Bovtruk

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