Five brilliant inventions and important achievements of Boris Paton

Пять гениальных изобретений и важных достижений Бориса Патона

On 27 November, a famous scientist, thinker, President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Boris E. Paton celebrated 101 years. Birthday of academician “inter” took the documentary “Boris Paton. The man of the future”, which will premiere on the channel on Saturday, November 30, at 11:00. Viewers will find an exclusive interview with Boris Paton, and other well-known scientists, historians, astronauts and doctors. They will be talking about our great contemporary, about his inventions and developments. Here are just five of the most important achievements of the outstanding scientist.

Пять гениальных изобретений и важных достижений Бориса Патона

1. Helped to win the victory in the great Patriotic war.

Father Boris Paton Evgeny Oscarovich – called one of those, thanks to whom the victory in the great Patriotic war. In evacuation he perfected the production process of the T-34, which allowed several times to increase the number of manufactured tanks and, most importantly, to make a more solid weld when the tank was hit by enemy shells, the armor is deformed, but the “seam Paton” remained intact. The contribution of Evgeny Paton to Victory in the great Patriotic war is difficult to overestimate: his name is on a par with the names of legendary commanders. With him on improving tanks and worked by his sons. It was then that a young engineer Boris Paton scored his first scientific victory: he has helped to create a unique automated installation that enables welding under flux armor, and other elements of the tank. The main advantages of the new equipment – speed, high weld quality, simplicity in management. The technology was so simple that cooking the shells of Soviet tanks could even children.

2. Protect the world from nuclear disaster.

After the Second world war begins the so-called “cold war” – the perennial confrontation between the two superpowers: USA and the Soviet Union. During the most intense phase of the cold war – Cuban missile crisis – thanks to the efforts of “batanovci” and personally the head of the welding Institute, Boris Paton was retained parity in the arms race, and the world avoided a nuclear war. The United States had an advantage over the Soviet Union: they had air bases in Turkey, Italy, England. To provide parity, in 1962 the Soviet Union placed missiles in Cuba. In Dnepropetrovsk in KB “southern” was in full swing work on the creation of rocket complexes of new generation that could for a long time to maintain the combat readiness and the alarm start in a few seconds. But there was a problem: aggressive fuel components flowed through cracks, and this could lead to unauthorized engine start or an explosion. To resolve the problem promptly helped, “batanovci” – thanks to a fundamentally new method of joining metals. Several decades of CB “South” and the Academy of Sciences led by Boris Paton building up combat power of the country. This allowed the Soviet Union to have a strategic missile system that meets the highest requirements: “Trotter”, “Satan”, “Voivod”. Fortunately, none of these missiles never flew.

3. Made the space closer to the man.

July 25, 1984 Soviet cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya and Vladimir Dzhanibekov held the first ever experiment on welding of metals in outer space. Astronauts in orbit have experienced a revolutionary development of scientists of the Kiev Institute of electric welding – a versatile hand tool (VHT), unique in the world was not. With the creation of equipment was led by the head of the Institute, President of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Boris Paton. He personally helped the astronauts to master welding in difficult conditions of weightlessness, of absolute vacuum and huge temperature changes. “Boris Paton is so fatherly, like children, we were treated! We felt it – says the pilot-cosmonaut, twice Hero of Soviet Union Vladimir Dzhanibekov. – He did not doubt the success.”

The experiment lasted three and a half hours. The news from orbit, with bated breath, were watched by the whole world. It was still the time of the cold war. The perennial confrontation between the US and the Soviet Union was, in particular, and in matters of space exploration. The test was successful. This, in particular, the great merit of the Kiev scientists and Boris Paton.

4. Saved thousands of lives after the accident at Chernobyl.

April 26, 1986 the world shook one of the worst manmade disasters in the history of mankind – the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. From the first day in Chernobyl, worked as the team of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, created by Boris Paton. To assess the extent of the accident, scientists collected samples of air, soil, water. The priority action plan for the elimination of Boris Paton made personally on the scene of the accident during a helicopter flight over the still smoldering reactor. In the first most difficult weeks Boris Paton and his colleagues were given objective information about the scale of the disaster. After receiving these data, the leadership of the USSR decided to evacuate from Kiev and region of half a million children.

5. Achieved a breakthrough in medicine.

Пять гениальных изобретений и важных достижений Бориса Патона

Boris Paton developed a unique technology which is now widely used in medicine, the welding of live tissues. On this issue, the scientist thought in the early ‘ 90s – after he was on the operating table after a failed water-skiing. After the operation, Boris Paton found out that the bone he cut with a saw, and thought that in medicine too, it is possible to use welding. And immediately gave the command to the scientists to begin experiments. The result was designed welding machine with which surgeons can dissect and to connect the living tissues almost bloodless. The main advantages of new technologies – reducing the blood loss, shorter operative time, faster recovery. Today this equipment is used in all fields of medicine from General surgery to ophthalmology. In Ukraine annually from 20 to 30 thousand surgeries using this technology. Now in the Institute Paton working on the possibility of welding of bone tissue. When scientists learn to do it, it fractures the highest difficulty can be treated in a matter of days.

More information about these and many other achievements of Boris Paton in the documentary project “Boris Paton. The man of the future” – Saturday, November 30, at 11:00 on TV channel “inter”.

Пять гениальных изобретений и важных достижений Бориса Патона


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