Five comedy series to review

Cinq séries humoristiques à revoir

Platforms listen continuously are full of interesting new features. But you can find by rummaging around in their catalogue, a lot of series, cult comedy which marked the small screen in quebec. Here are five of them to laugh a bit in this time of crisis.

Black series

His new series, This is why I love you, is on everyone’s lips currently. If you’re a fan of the universe twisted and replicas cults of François Létourneau, be aware that it is possible to listen to two seasons of the Series black burst on the Extra HERE in a matter of reconnecting with the Marc Arcand World and the tasty lines of Guy Nadon.

► Season 1 and 2 on HERE EXTRA

Like Me !

That is not already wistful at the idea that the 5th season is the last ? Before we say goodbye to Gaby Gravel, the other four seasons, Like Me !, comedy skits from Marc Brunet, who fits already in the classics of the small screen, québec, can be found in full on Club illico or on the website of Télé-Québec.

► On Club illico and on

The boys

There may be more hockey on tv, but the adventures of Stan, Méo and Bob find themselves on Club illico. The platform offers to the subscribers of the channel Taken 2 review burst shooting seasons 4 and 5, while there are also the four films of the saga.

► On Taken 2 and Club illico

Les Bougon, this is the life !

The family Bougon is a distraction assured. The three seasons (42 episodes) of the hilarious series of François Avard are available on the Extra HERE Featuring Hélène Bourgeois-Leclerc, Rémy Girard, Antoine Bertrand and Louison Danis, this family magouilleuse who outsmart the system has marked the collective imagination since its first broadcast in 2004.

► Season 1, 2 and 3 on HERE EXTRA

Fine ailments

In the meantime the new season of the Beautiful discomfort that Martin Matte is currently in the process of writing, the first season of the popular comedy is available to subscribers of the specialty channel, Decision 2, and is also broadcast on Mondays, at 19 h The money, the fame, the bullying are the topics covered in these first episodes. Season 3 is on Club illico.

► On Club Illico, and Taken 2

On the specialty channels

The good life with Go-Van

The new show The beautiful life with Go-Van is a blow of heart for many in this end of winter, at this time of the year where we begin to have a thirst for adventures and freedom. Entitled life in a community, this fourth installment we take a good breath of fresh salty air of the Sea, and to guide us to the community of Snow Lake Keep.

► Thursday, 20 h, united States TV.


When Club illico has unveiled the documentary Pandemic, at the end of January, the coronavirus gangrénait China, but it was not afraid still that it spreads in Quebec. The situation has evolved drastically in the last few weeks, it’s worth taking a look at this study in two one-hour episodes, directed by Patricia Beaulieu.

► Club illico

French channels managed

Five channels of NA Canada, a subsidiary of the French group Canal+, is Planet+, StudioCanal, ES1, Seasons, and France 24, are descrambling at Videotron and Cogeco until the end of the month. International news, documentaries, films of the greatest directors of French and european : there’s something for all tastes.

► Pull out the remote control

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