Five habits that can add 10 years of life

Пять привычек, которые могут прибавить 10 лет жизни

Five basic habits that can contribute to the prolongation of life, was caused by a group of scientists from Harvard and other universities. If human existence are present for all the five habits, his chances to extend it about 10 years will be particularly high, they said.

In particular, the results of the research of Harvard psychologists suggests that life helps to extend communication with friends – sociable people on average live 5-7 years longer those who lead a secluded life. In addition, if you want to live longer you should give up drinking alcohol. According to scientists from the American College health cardiology and even a small amount of alcohol may be a factor of shortening of life: for this, according to them, it is enough to drink even two glasses of beer every evening.

Another discovery scientists: likely to live at least until 80 years more those who have a habit in the use of food not to eat to satiety, and is strictly temperate. The study, researchers from the University of St. Louis showed that at a constant low number of calories in the thyroid gland slows down production of T3, which is associated with accelerated aging.

Life extension due to a serious decrease of risk of heart disease promotes daily consumption of fruits and vegetables, it is also important to remember. All thanks to a very large amount of antioxidants in the gifts of nature.

But the easiest way to live 7-10 years longer than scientists believe daily exercise.


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