Five hours for the pleasure of reading

Reproducing the concept of the book fair, but on a small scale, this is the aim of the Petit Salon du Livre de Saint-Adrien. The event, which will be in its third edition Sunday, proves the vitality of literature in small circles. Each year, nearly one hundred visitors take the opportunity to offer a book as a gift as the holidays approach.

The idea was born in the spirit of Claude Dupont, councilor in Saint – Adrien, but also avid reader and assiduous. He then approached Le Buvard to launch the first edition.

“Initially, we wanted to create a craftsmen’s lounge for Christmas, but we realized that in the MRC des Sources, we all do that. We then thought we were going to devote ourselves to literature, that a book is always a nice gift! “Says the city councilor.

“We liked the idea, it was consistent with our mission to bring literature to rural areas. It is especially the strand of madness of the initiative which charmed us “, explains Michel Vézina which again chose the repertoire of books offered.

We will find, for this 2017 edition, a corpus of poetry, literature, essays, comics and children’s books. The selection offers as much new as the user, which makes everything more accessible.

Like the traditional book fairs, the reduced version of Saint-Adrien also invites different authors in autographs, to the delight of visitors. As much as possible, we favor the creators of the region, from Sherbrooke to Victoriaville sometimes.

According to the organizers, the authors are happy to visit this extraordinary book fair.

This year, the Petit Salon will host the youth writer Jacinthe Lavoie, a regular at the event. To her will join the triplets Gauthier as well as the poet Jean-Marc Lafrenière. The grouping of artists living in rural areas (RAVIR) will also be on site to conduct fundraising through the sale of art books.

To the good franquette

Michel Vézina and Claude Dupont agree that it is really the warm atmosphere that makes the success of the event. “A lot of people go by. It’s a jaze of literature, it’s a joke of life, of Christmas. It’s really an encounter, “says the founder of Buvard.

“We do this to the good franquette. We have a lot of young people coming, people from the area. I have the impression that by making literature more accessible, we are democratizing the books, “adds Mr. Dupont. “It’s another proof that in the region, we can do interesting things. No need to go to the big centers! ”

Given the success of recent years, the municipal councilor is hopeful that the Petit Salon will become a unifying tradition within the municipality.

The event will be held on December 10 from noon to 5 pm at the Saint-Adrien Mill. Admission is free and coffee will be served on site.

A second tour for the traveling bookstore

Last January, the traveling bookstore Buvard tried the coup in France with a two-month itinerary. Given the success, Michel Vézina is preparing to make a second tour, which will last until spring. With about 4,000 books in his pocket, he returns to spread Quebec literature across the Atlantic, more packed than ever.

“That was the original project: having a traveling bookstore in Quebec in summer and fall and one in France in winter and spring. In the first year of the Buvard, the trip to Europe was not possible and it is at this moment that the possibility of opening the Salon in Gould has arrived, “says Michel Vézina.

At the beginning of 2017, the bookseller traveled 34 towns and villages and discovered a craze for Quebec and its literature. It is without hesitation that in mid-December, he leaves for France. A month of preparation, then he will begin his journey that will pass through the regions of Montpellier, Grenoble, Valencia and Belgium. The Paris Book Fair is also one of his stops.

“Last year in Brittany, the traveling bookstore had a great success. So I’m going back for three weeks, “he adds.

And if it leaves until spring, the pub-bookstore will remain open with a cinema program for the winter. Guest directors and repertoire cinema are on the program.

Michel Vézina leaves alone in this great literary journey. Is he afraid of being caught up in loneliness? ” Not at all! I make beautiful and fascinating encounters. I am this person who comes from far away, to whom people are curious to talk. A bit like the myth of the happening. Being a traveler is at the heart of my project, of my life. I always want to invent new forms of making literature travel in small circles, “says the inveterate dreamer.

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