Five other Russian athletes sanctioned for doping by the IOC

Photo: Lionel Bonaventure Agence France-Presse
Two olympic champions bobsleigh four at the Sochi Games in 2014 are targeted.

Lausanne — The international olympic Committee (IOC) has sanctioned five Russian athletes, including two olympic champions bobsleigh four at the Sochi Games in 2014, in light of the findings of the commission Oswald.


Aleksei Negodailo and Dmitrii Trunenkov were disqualified, and their results, the Sochi Games have been cancelled. The other three athletes covered by the analysis, and forensic investigations in the wake of the doping scandal of the State in Russia are the skeletoneur Sergei Chudino and biathletes Yana Romanova and Olga Vilukhina, silver medallists in Sochi.


According to the statement released by the IOC, the five athletes were found to have contravened anti-doping rule violation under article 2 of the anti-doping rules.


Other hearings about other athletes will take place in the coming weeks.


The commission, under the chairmanship of Denis Oswald, is in charge of investigating doping cases alleged to have been committed individually by Russian athletes. All the samples from Russian athletes who participated in the olympic winter Games Sochi 2014 have been re-scanned.


This re-analysis had a dual objective : on the one hand, to re-examine the samples to prove that there has been doping and, on the other hand, to determine if the samples themselves or the bottles have been tampered with or falsified.

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