Five tips to make a good impression

Пять подсказок, чтобы расположить к себе собеседника

Communication is an important part of our life, so it is very important to be able to make a good impression. Here only not always it turns out to do due to the fact that you don’t know the correct approaches. Are five tips to make a good impression and to communicating the maximum benefit.

1. Tell us about yourself

To position of the person who closed or not talkative, you can start with yourself. Tell a story about yourself: this is, firstly, will enable the companion to learn a little bit about you, and secondly, to tell a return story, or just react to it in the process of your communication.

The main thing – to know the measure and to enable the interviewee to talk, otherwise it may happen, rather than dialogue, monologue, and that’s another story.

2. Pay attention to the other person

When your interlocutor says something- respond to his speech. You can nod, smile, show facial expressions or gestures that you agree with a person or too, wanted to say the same.

Watch out also for eye contact, if long or often look away to the side, your interlocutor might think that you are not interested with him.

3. Raise the self-esteem companion

It does not need to come up with some unrealistic compliments, just genuinely respond to human speech. You can use phrases such as: “That’s interesting,” “really Is the right strategy”, “How exciting”, “I didn’t know, this is new information for me”.

First, so you genuinely show interest in the person and listen to him. And secondly, do him good, raising self esteem.

Пять подсказок, чтобы расположить к себе собеседника

4. Ask an unexpected question

Discussing a specific topic, the conversation may be delayed or become quite formulaic. At such moments, to help you come to an unexpected question. Moreover, not necessarily it must relate to the topic.

This will help bring your conversation to a new level and give the other person a chance to look at the topic of your discussion in new ways.

5. Show your interest in the topic

If your conversation moved into the category of highly specialized, there is a gold mine – ask your questions on the subject, in which he Pro. Even if this conversation on everyday topics, you can ask how he would do in a given situation.

It is not to become limp and uninteresting to just your companion comfortable. There that breeds good communication, after all, the same attitude of your partner to you, too, would be very appropriate and correct.

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