Five tricks for self-repair machine

Пять хитростей для самостоятельного ремонта машины

Auto called five interesting tricks for self-repair machine. They will help to make the sound insulation of the car, properly wash hands, and relax after repair, reports

So, if you have anything to glue, but the glue around, you can do it yourself, poured into metal containers with solvent or benzene, dissolving in the liquid a piece of foam. Such a mixture can glue a variety of materials.

Many garages are often overflowing with tools, each of which has its place. In order not to lose things, experts recommend to use a magnet as a holder. One of the sides can be attached to any place using adhesive tape.

Third life hack is associated with the insulation, which requires expensive material. If you need to save money, the experts recommend to do waterproofing, heating with a hair dryer right material and making it more sticky and elastic. Thus it can be attached on any place.

To wash his hands of the sticky oils and other automotive fluids, it is possible to use a solution of soda soap and water. Soap should crumble into the container with the trowel and cover it with baking soda in the ratio of 1:1 and then pour the resulting mixture with water to form a “porridge”. This substance helps to clean hands from heavy dirt.

Relax with pleasure after repair, you can use regular car seats and two springs that need to be welded to the seat. You will receive an original rocking chair that can be adjusted.