Five ways not to feel tired during the day

Пять способов не чувствовать себя уставшим в течение дня

It is important to urgently reconsider your habits and replace them useful

Пять способов не чувствовать себя уставшим в течение дня

It often happens that only waking up, the person already feels tired. And during the day that feeling only intensifies and the only thing I want is faster to walk to the sofa, not to go to work and solve some issues. In this case, it is important to urgently reconsider your habits and replace them useful.

Are five effective ways to not feel tired during the day.

1. Watch your sleep

It is obvious that too little sleep is enough to tire anyone. If you regularly sleep less than seven hours, you will not only be exhausted, but you risk to earn serious health problems. Among them:

vasodepression increase the risk of accidents sluchaynostey immunerecovery the risk of diabetes and problems with sedamnaest thinking, memory and nastroenia the time, as too little sleep is the most common cause of exhaustion, it is surprising that some studies have shown that regular sleep more than nine hours every night also increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, and headaches. So stick to the Golden mean 7-8 hours of sleep can make you more energetic and alive during the day.

Sleep is as important to your health as proper nutrition and exercise, so don’t leave it to the side to make room for other activities. At least start with a light charge every day.

2. Proper nutrition

If your usual Breakfast is a muffin, a sandwich, or, even worse, nothing – most likely, you will feel the effect after a few hours a day. Load a heavy dose of carbohydrates leads to a sharp increase of sugar level in the blood. So try to add protein in every meal and snack to balance the carbs with protein. Protein prevents fluctuations in blood sugar levels, leaving you more full.

3. Active rest

It may seem counterintuitive, but the daily fatigue can be the way by which your body may require more activity. Various activities promote the metabolism, stimulate the mood and help you sleep better at night. This does not mean that you need to spend hours in the gym, but even a 20 minute brisk walk around the block will benefit.

4. Water everywhere and always

Dehydration leads to fatigue, and many people do not drink enough water during the day. Increase consumption, holding a bottle of water at hand and drink a full glass of water before each meal. Another quick trick for an instant Wake-up – quick shower. If this is not your option, then at least wash face and hands in cold water – even this small step will help you to feel more cheerful.

5. Have fun

Laughter is one of the best engineers in the world, and it costs you nothing. View a funny movie, read a fun novel or your favorite comic book or call a friend who always make you laugh.

Treat yourself to a favorite activity every day, at least for a while. Read or listen to favorite music, often do what makes you feel good. Try something new: sign up for any lesson, go to a new restaurant, explore a new hobby or sport. Even small changes such as a new hairstyle or a new path to work, unable to shatter the routine and make you more attentive.

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