Five-year-old boy from the United States brought to the kindergarten 22 dose of cocaine

Пятилетний мальчик из США принес в детский сад 22 дозы кокаина

Five-year-old boy from the us state of Philadelphia has brought to the kindergarten 22 doses of a narcotic substance, crack cocaine is the crystal form of cocaine. The child hid the package with the drug in his pants pocket, according to

The incident occurred in a kindergarten in the Roman Catholic Church of St. Cyprian of Carthage. A young American acted in a suspicious way, than attracted the attention of the assistant caregiver. The woman noticed the unusual object in his pants and asked the boy to show him.

The child took a bag with crystal powder and gave it to the clerk. He said that he got it from a stranger, who asked to hide drugs at the kindergarten.

Employees of educational institutions called the police. Law enforcement officers soon found that the packet contained 22 doses of drugs.

Injured in the incident in the kindergarten package contents alone. Currently, police are searching for a drug dealer.