Five years of “generatii”: in Ukraine, remember their own and others “Maidan”

Пять лет «гиднократии»: на Украине вспоминают свои и чужие «майданы»

In Ukraine today, November 21, for the fifth time will celebrate the Day of dignity and freedom, for Ukrainian- Day gdnet that freedom, a celebration in honor of the “Maidan” of 2004 and the “euromaidan” in 2014.

The action plan will be a memorial prayer, laying flowers at the chapel on the alley of the “Heavenly hundreds” in Kiev, the opening of the exhibition space “M3. Independence. Memorial. The Museum”.

“Pit in the alley of heroes “Heavenly hundreds” in Kiev center with an abandoned wasteland transformed into a new space, acquires a special symbolism, content, and function. Here will be built a Museum of the revolution of dignity”, — told the Ukrainian edition of “Correspondent” Director of the national “Museum of the revolution of dignity” , Igor poshyvaylo.”Heavenly hundred” in Kiev called activists killed by snipers in February 2014.

As reports “Газета.Ru” in the evening near the Chinese Embassy in Ukraine will host a rally in support of the “Hong Kong independence”. With yellow-blue flags on this day will take to the streets and people of Hong Kong.
The beginning of this “holiday” gave the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko by his decree from 2014.

“Ukraine — a territory of dignity and freedom. So we made not one, but two revolutions — our Maidan 2004, which was the feast of freedom and revolution 2013 revolution dignity. It was an extremely tough test for Ukraine, when Ukrainians demonstrated their Europeanness, dignity, their desire for freedom”, — exclaimed the ex-President held in numerous cases of corruption.The festival of freedom, mentioned by Poroshenko, was celebrated in honor of the Maidan-2004, but was later cancelled by President Viktor Yanukovych.

In the five years of the date entered in the school curriculum. In the manual for teachers there are recommendations for conducting a lesson on memorial day: “…to develop pupils ‘ understanding of the unity and integrity of Ukraine, the realization by Ukraine, a sense of personal responsibility for the fate of the state, the willingness to serve the Motherland with their work and to defend the state interests of the country.”

Thus, according to a survey conducted by the magazine “Correspondent”, the part of the members of Parliament could not remember exactly when this date is celebrated. One of the respondents even said that to mark the occasion it will be when Ukraine will be truly “free.”

In the East of Ukraine Kiev opponents ridiculed the occasion, calling in existence since 2014 system “generatia“.

“If it’s worth doing November 21, to grieve. To mourn all the dead and separated,” writes about the feast of the opponents of the Kiev writer Plato Besedin in the book “the Diary of the Russian Ukrainians, Euromaidan, Crimean spring, Donbass slaughter.”

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