Fixing the price of bread: the lawyers, are warning consumers

Photo: Aaron Vincent Elkaim The canadian Press

Toronto — The three law firms bringing class actions against canadian companies in power about fixing the price of bread, are warning consumers that if they accept the gift card of $ 25 offered by Loblaw, they may forgo compensation more important.


Firms Strosberg Sasso Sutts LLP, Renno Vathilakis Lawyers and CPA Counsel report that Loblaw has not provided any details on what will be expected of consumers in return for this gift card. They point out that the company has not revealed what she knows about the extent of the “conspiracy of price-fixing” that has stretched over fifteen years.


Loblaw has recognized that such “conduct” would not have had to occur and claims to offer the gift card by good will.


Lawyers observe, however, that Loblaw has not disclosed publicly what this ploy had cost to canadian consumers nor the manner in which she had arrived at the sum of $ 25 as compensation.

Me Joey Zukran, LPC Lawyer, believes that canadian consumers have suffered losses far greater than the value of the gift card. “I can say with much confidence that a conspiracy that lasts for 15 or 16 years across Canada, it has not been done to generate only five or ten cents per loaf, advance Me Zukran. The first reaction of all the lawyers working on this issue in Canada has been that this compensation is extremely low and inadequate. “

“Promotion interested”


The press release issued on Wednesday by the three law firms also notes that the offer of Loblaw looks more like a promotion interested as to just compensation.

“They have an interest in giving gift cards because people will come in and buy toilet paper, bread, potato chips, and they will easily get to 100 or 200 dollars, so it’ll even generate profits,” says Me Zukran.


The other defendants targeted by class actions are George Weston, a company sister-in-law of Loblaw’s, Canada Bread, Grupo Bimbo, S. A. B. DE C. V., Empire Company Limited, Sobeys , Metro, Wal-Mart Canada, Wal-Mart Stores and Giant Tiger Stores.

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