Flags-giants and Velikanova: Russia has appear tricolors

Флаги-гиганты и велокарнавал: Россия запестрила триколорами

June 12 throughout the country held events dedicated to the Day of Russia, reports TASS.

In Irkutsk, held a “Live flag”. City residents could see a 50-foot cloth flag, and a passing convoy of over 30 vehicles, painted in white, blue and red colors. And in Kazan the opening of the 50-foot flagpole and the raising of the national flag. In Petrozavodsk was organized the campaign “Proud of Russia”. Pupils, students and yunarmeytsy walked with a giant tricolour at the quay of the Onega lake.

This day could prove themselves lovers of bicycles and motorcycles in Tyumen, driving through the streets of the city. So, they dressed up in costumes of Batman, Barmaley and Mickey mouse. In Syktyvkar the rain did not scare residents, mostly families who drove up for the event “Bike”. According to the organisers, the event was attended by about 10 thousand people.

And the people of Vologda to take part in the event, rode their bicycles, scooters, begowala, gyrometer, roller skates, skateboards. But before they had put one condition: it was necessary to dress in one of the three colors of the tricolor.

In Moscow, on Poklonnaya hill, the festival “Multiethnic Russia”. It is possible to learn the basics of national crafts and to listen to songs in different languages of the peoples of the country. One of the entertainment areas organized by the TV channel “MIR”.