Flatten the curve… movers

Aplatir la courbe... des déménageurs

The madness of moving is likely to continue beyond 1 July this year because of the pandemic that has delayed construction projects and the eviction of tenants.

“It’s been years that it was hoped this staggering “, enthuses Pierre-Olivier Cyr, owner of Clan Panneton.

He already has a sixty bookings of more than a year past for the post-1 July.

In Quebec, the hustle and bustle of the removals took place in the month of June and culminates on the 1st of July, the day of the end of the lease to a huge part of the tenants. However, many companies predict that the rest of the summer will be more busy than normal due to the impacts of the COVID-19.

About eight movers Montreal or Quebec contacted by The Newspaper, five have observed this trend.

To construction delays

Several explain the phenomenon by the delays in residential construction projects, which require households to push back the time of taking possession of their house or condo.

This averaging is desirable for the movers, who are not able to provide at the request of the famous 1st July, and who shall then lay off employees when all becomes quiet again.

“Everyone is a winner “, said Karolane Brault, vice-president, Brault Déménagement Laval. With a season more spread out, the employees have more stable employment, and the customers pay less than on 1 July, she summarizes.

“Our employees, we don’t want to work 12 or 18 hours per day “, is full of Martin’s Side, Moving Loretteville, Quebec.

Evictions to come

“If we could flatten the curve, this would be perfect,” said Mr. Cyr, in a nod to the flattening of the curve of the contamination, as advocated by the public health.

Still, for many tenants, the fateful date of 1 July remains.

“We are very worried in this time “, said Sandrine Belley, a community organizer at the POPIR, housing committee of the south-west of the metropolis.

Because of all these reports will soon add thousands of evictions of tenants, note of Hans Brouillette of the Corporation of the real estate owners in Quebec.

In fact, since the beginning of the pandemic, the owners, who had obtained a judgment to force a tenant to vacate their accommodation no longer had the right to do so. This moratorium will end gradually in the course of the month of July.

“And it is not known how long the housing authority will grant them to relocate,” adds Ms. Bailey.

During this time, the housing crisis is still rampant in Montreal. Apartments 4 and a half rooms that are rented at $ 800 recently are now displayed at 1600 $, shows Amy Darwish, the Comité d’action de Parc-Extension.

“A lot of tenants have lost their jobs during the pandemic. We are concerned that they find themselves without housing this summer, ” she said.

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