Flights Air Transat: compensation ridiculous, depending on a transient

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    Saturday, 12 August 2017 12:30

    Saturday, 12 August 2017 12:30

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    OTTAWA | Maryanne Zéhil, one of the passengers of the flights of Air Transat grounded in Ottawa, a judge with a ridiculous compensation of $ 400 offered by the company.

    Stuck like hundreds of other passengers, the 31st of July last, on the tarmac of the Ottawa airport, Ms. Zéhil questioned the amount of compensation offered by the carrier. “This is a joke”, she confided to the newspaper “Ottawa Citizen”.

    It is estimated that the airline should offer him at least $ 4000 to do things the right way.

    Ms. Zéhil hope a full refund of the company both for her and her dog border Collie Zara which was in the cargo hold of the aircraft.

    Recall that on 31 July last, two flights on Air Transat, one of Rome and the other in Brussels (TS157), have been diverted to the Ottawa airport because of bad weather in Montreal.

    Maryanne Zéhil was part of the passengers on the flight from Belgium. These are stuck on the ground for several hours without air conditioning and without water.

    Already anxious for his fate, she was also afraid for her dog. “It was the nightmare,” has again remembered the lady.

    Thursday evening, the passengers on the flight TS157 have started to receive emails from Air Transat in which the company said that cheques of $ 400 would be sent as compensation for the ordeal they suffered.

    The email clearly indicates that Air Transat accepts no legal responsibility in the matter, according to the “Ottawa Citizen”.

    The Canadian transportation agency has opened an investigation into the incident. The public hearing to be held on 30 and 31 August next. Air Transat and the Ottawa airport to return the responsibility for this chaotic situation.

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