Flights from Antalya to Ufa and back delayed more than 10 hours

PHOTO : MIR / Cheglyaeva Maria


More than 340 passengers can not fly from Ufa to Antalya. According to the press service of the Ufa airport, flight delayed almost 11 hours. This happened due to the fact that the capital of Bashkortostan on the eve of arrived flight from the Turkish resort.

“Due to late arrival of aircraft from Turkey delayed flight “F7-4119″ from Ufa. Planned time of departure was scheduled for 06:10 on the Ufa time, preliminary postponed to 16:50. 346 passengers, according to Federal aviation regulations, provided refreshments and meals. They settled in a hotel” – said at the airport of Ufa.

While 342 residents may not depart from Antalya. Their flight is also delayed more than 10 hours. According to the press service of the Ufa airport, Flight “F7-4120” airline “Ifly” was delayed in Turkey due to the additional maintenance of the Airbus 330-200. According to the original schedule of the Board was to fly from Antalya on the eve at 22:10 hours local time, but then it was moved to 9 am Wednesday.

“MIR 24” reminds that on April 1 at the international airport of Vladivostok from-for a fog was delayed 15 flights. In particular, time later flew planes to Novosibirsk and Moscow with a delay of landed ships from Seoul, Pyongyang, Daegu, Beijing, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Most of the boards had to be transferred to the alternate airport in Khabarovsk, where they waited for departure.