Flights of masks in hospitals

Several hospitals in the province deplore the theft of N95 masks that are essential to emergency personnel to protect themselves.

“This is really terrible what people can do in times of crisis,” says a nurse at the children’s hospital Sainte-Justine, who requested anonymity.

“We’re flying all our protective gear, our N95 masks, our boxes of face masks and our gels hand sanitizers. There are even visors that disappear. ”

Will remain nothing more…

It adds that the equipment is in limited quantity to the staff and that if, in addition, they steal all their material, there will be nothing left to protect.

The hospital Maisonneuve-Rosemont, Santa Cabrini hospital in Montreal complain of similar situations.

“We did steal several boxes of masks,” says an employee of the hospital Maisonneuve-Rosemont.

In Santa Cabrini hospital, people go through the emergency room to go steal masks on the floors.

“This is a major problem,” says the physician François Dufresne de l’hôpital Charles-Le Moyne in a publication on the social networks.

“Even we, at the emergency, do not use N95 to treat patients with COVID, then, please, share this message : YOU Don’T NEED N95 MASKS,” he writes in capital letters.

Under lock and key

According to the spokesperson of the CIUSS du Centre-Sud-de-l’île-de-Montréal, Jean Nicolas Aubé, masks, gloves and disinfectants are now kept under lock and key in several locations.

The SPVM has not received any complaint for this type of theft since the beginning of the pandemic.

The number of devices is so limited that a doctor in a clinic for screening of the COVID-19 was asked to wash its own face shield so you don’t miss it.

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