Floating house: the streets in Irkutsk cities turned into rivers

PHOTO : TASS / Press service of EMERCOM of Russia in the Irkutsk region


Three people were killed and hundreds hospitalized as a result of floods in the Irkutsk region. These are the findings of the MOE. The situation in the region is close to critical. Tonight the big water came to the city of Sochi, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Andrey Mikhailov.

Residents of the 40-thousand city of Tulun filmed that now remained of their city. The water rose to twice the permissible limits. Flooded more than a thousand houses. Many buildings were carried away by streams of water. The streets of the city, where yesterday was drying, just a few hours be under water.

The areas most affected by the disaster, now unrecognizable even to locals. Now, the high water washed away almost all the houses. In the aftermath of the disaster involved firefighters and rescue workers – a total of about 600 people. And about 200 units of equipment. Now the situation in the region is close to critical.

Due to powerful flood remained without electricity for more than 15.5 thousand people. Throughout the area is being evacuated. Rescuers take out people on boats and helicopters. Many had to be removed from the roofs of flooded homes.

“We received effective assistance. Have been allocated time means of rescuers, helicopters which could be in the village of Aligier, pick up guys, remove from homes, those who are not wanted – ride food,” says a local resident.

The head EMERCOM of Russia Evgeny Senichev and the presidential envoy in the Siberian Federal district Sergey Menyailo arrived in Irkutsk oblast to personally control the rescue local residents from flooding.

Now flooded 48 settlements. Without habitation remained more than nine thousand people, among them two thousand children. Under water was also a 6 km stretch of the Federal highway “Siberia”. In the area flooding sent additional forces of Regardie.