Flood in Paris increases, the water level rose more than five meters

Water from the Seine flooded roads along the river and continues to rise. Peak flooding is expected in the night from Friday to Saturday.

Повінь в Парижі посилюється, рівень води піднявся вище п&#039яти метрів

The water in the river Seine in Paris continues to rise, reports Rus.Media. At the moment the water level has already exceeded five meters. On Wednesday, January 24, according to Le Parisien.

By noon Wednesday, the water level was recorded at the level of 5.10 meters. It is expected that the peak flood will be in the night from Friday to Saturday and the water level can rise over six meters, as it was in 2016.

The majority of roads along the Seine are completely flooded, disrupted public transport.

Also works with restrictions river transport, because the high water level the boats can’t pass under some bridges.

In Paris officially declared orange severity. Meteorologists report that over the past week in the basin of the Seine, had a two-week rainfall.

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