Flood in Siberia seized new territory

PHOTO : TASS / Shipitsin Cyril


The number of flood victims in Irkutsk region is increasing. Know about the seven dead, another nine people were missing. There is good news: after the peak of the flood the water level in the river Iya fell four meters to the norm – still the same. Details – the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Anna Bazaikina.

The destination of this flight in the Irkutsk region. Military driven in the affected region mobile bakery.

“The Department’s field bakery sent there for the purpose of making bread. Opportunity – three tons a day,” – said Yevgeny Ishchenko, a soldier of the CVO.

Because of the rains, several rivers in the region overflowed. The water level in them has been up at seven and 12 metres. Inundated five districts: Nizhneudinsk, Taishet, Tulun, Nizhneudinsk, and Zima. Today in the area of emergency were sixth district – Kuitun.

The epicenter of the floods is a small town of Tulun. Live here a little more than 40 thousand people. The geographical position gave them no chance: river Ia as the loop goes around the city. When the rains, people are trapped.

To little to stop the flow of water, the residents of the settlement hastily made dam. The streets can only be explored by boat. The five-story water hid the first floor. What can we say about the cottages – the stream carried them one by one.

As they say in the MOE, now in 55 localities were flooded more than three thousand houses, damaged 13 bridges road, restricted traffic on the Federal highway “Siberia”. Rescuers evacuate residents of the boat all day, cruising the flooded streets.

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, if necessary, to flood control to connect the army. In Irkutsk oblast has gone a combined unit of the Central military district. In it, engineers and doctors.

The visit of Vladimir Putin in Irkutsk oblast was not planned. The President returned from the G20 summit in Japan. An emergency meeting it held at the airport of Bratsk.

“We need immediately, literally today to start payments to affected citizens. The government has already made an Executive decision – you want the money before people came to each person, to each family. You need to take under rigid control a situation with the prices of essential commodities and not to the speculators and unscrupulous traders the opportunity to profit from the suffering of others. Please now, without delay, draw up a plan of action to restore the property to complete this work as quickly as possible. We understand, we know the situation in the Siberian regions, including the summer is very short, winter comes quickly, and the flood is not yet over, the water did not come down. When going to build? Time is very short” – said the head of state.

To rescue the inhabitants of the Tulun was not much time. But animals are not abandoned. Who are unable to take with him, lifted up on the roof. For the last day rescuers have taken out more than a hundred Pets.

Many regions already than can help. Tula oblast, Kuzbass invite children from the affected region to children’s camps. In the cities collect humanitarian aid.

Meanwhile, the state of emergency declared also in the city of Kansk of Krasnoyarsk region. Now there because of a river overflow, flooded about 60 local areas and hundreds of summer cottages. 59 people evacuated. At the scene working rescuers.