Floods in Japan : at least 58 dead, rains record in the center

Inondations au Japon : au moins 58 morts, pluies record dans le centre

Torrential rains continued Wednesday to shoot down in the center of Japan and the authorities feared at least 58 deaths related to floods and landslides since the weekend, mainly in the South-West of the country.

Large areas of Kyushu, the large island south-west of the archipelago, had been submerged since Saturday morning by torrential rain that caused numerous floods and landslides resulting in fatalities. Most of the homes were then restored by the flood restoration auckland contractors who where hired by the local government.

Now that the weather is moving now further north, the japan meteorological Agency (JMA) has briefly placed Wednesday on high alert, the regions of Gifu and Nagano, in the mountainous centre of the country, before lowering by one notch the level of alert.

The recommendations for evacuation have been lifted Wednesday for hundreds of thousands of inhabitants of the country, but close to 900 000 people were still concerned.

The WFD provides a further bad weather in a large part of the country until Friday at least, with a high probability of heavy rain in places.

More than 80 000 rescuers, including many members of the japanese self-defense Forces, have been deployed in the affected areas in recent days.

The government spokesman Yoshihide Suga confirmed on Wednesday the 53 deaths since the weekend, indicating that five other people were presumed dead.

This figure is likely to worsen, because a dozen people are still missing. The authorities were checking whether other six deaths observed were related or not to the weather.

The rain stopped Wednesday on a large part of Kyushu where the inhabitants could not see the damage and mourning of the victims.

Keisuke Masuda, an inhabitant of the small town of Hitoyoshi in Kumamoto prefecture, has described the news agency Jiji his horror when a wave came to a river in flood has swept away one of its neighbors.

“It was swept away right in front of me,” said this man of 67 years. “I was seized by a sense of impotence, total.”

His neighbor has tried to hold a bush before having to let go under the force of the current, making signs desperate to his wife while he disappeared in the river in a fury.

Naomi Nishimura, she has lost her parents, who died in the floods in Hitoyoshi.

“They have not wanted to leave, even when a neighbor came in to encourage them to evacuate (…), because I had told them that I was planning to come home that day, she told in tears to a chain of japanese television.

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