Floods in the Irkutsk region: the level of the river continues to fall

PHOTO : TASS / Latynina, Svetlana


The level of the river in the Irkutsk region continues to fall. The river Ia soon will fall below a critical level. The peak flood in late June, she got up for the day at five meters and flooded the city Tulun, reports channel “MIR 24”.

Almost 8 thousand people still remain without electricity 15 settlements of the region. Since the beginning of the flood for medical help addressed more than 2 thousand inhabitants, about 300 were in the hospital. Main diagnosis – hypothermia.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has declared the disaster an emergency situation of Federal level. Found the bodies of 20 dead, 15 people are still missing.

Material damage, according to preliminary data, amounted to almost 30 billion rubles.