Florence Ader, Thierry Braillard and Nora Berra among the many Lyonnais promoted on January 1

    Florence Ader, Thierry Braillard and Nora Berra among the many Lyonnais promoted on January 1

    This year, the promotion of January 1 of the Legion of Honor would give pride of place to people who have fought against the Covid-19 epidemic. Emmanuel Macron had decided to put aside the promotion of July 14 to bring everyone together this Friday.
    The cities of the hospitals of the rewarded health personnel not being specified in the Official Journal, it is possible that our editorial staff inadvertently overlook a few names of Lyonnais honored in this promotion.

    Certain surnames immediately attract attention. Starting with that of Florence Ader, infectious disease specialist at the Croix-#Rousse hospital and who coordinates the European clinical trial Discovery. Lyonnaise of the year on LyonMag, she begins 2021 as a Knight of the Legion of Honor.
    Nora Berra, former municipal councilor in Lyon and former Secretary of State for Health under Nicolas Sarkozy, was also knighted this Friday.
    In this promotion of the fight against Covid, Hervé de Malliard, president of companies specializing in industrial equipment such as MGA Technologies in Civrieux-d’#Azergues who had produced a Covid-19 test manufacturing machine, also distinguished himself, he is knighted.

    We will note the absence of Lounis, the first nursing staff at the Edouard-#Herriot hospital to succumb to the consequences of Covid-19 in Lyon, in the promotion dedicated posthumously.

    In the rest of the decorations, we find the former Secretary of State for Sports Thierry Braillard, who becomes Knight of the Legion of Honor.
    Jean-#Yves Grall, Director General of ARS Auvergne-#Rhône-#Alpes, had already been a knight since 2008. On a proposal from the Ministry of Health, he became an officer this Friday.

    Former Lyonnais have also been rewarded. Many remember Jean-#François Carenco, prefect of the Rhône between 2010 and 2015. Today president of the energy regulation commission, he is made a commander.
    He too worked at the prefecture of the Rhône, but as delegated prefect for Security: David Clavière, now chief of staff of the Paris police prefect, is knighted.
    Finally, Philippe de Mester, who had been director general of the OPAC du Rhône then director general of services for the Rhône-#Alpes Region, did not suffer from the suspicions that still weigh on him in the case of quasi-espionage of the emails of the community. Now director general of ARS PACA, he was made an officer this Friday.

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