Flying car Terrafugia will be on the market in 2019

Летающий автомобиль Terrafugia появится на рынке в 2019 году

Flying car Terrafugia Transition will be available for 2019.

The car will be offered in approximately 330 000 dollars. Development of the unit started 10 years ago, and on the first test, he went in 2009.

The power reserve model of the Terrafugia Transition in flight is about 644 km. the Car is able to fly at speeds up to 161 km/h.

Due to the folding of the wings of the car can be driven on public roads, without disturbing other road users. The maximum speed of the apparatus on the land is 100 km/h.

The driving force of a flying car Terrafugia Transition acts as a hybrid gas-electric unit. Due to the special throttle in the car activates the Boost function that briefly increases the efficiency of the engine.

The Terrafugia Transition model is equipped with a parachute rescue system and four Aragami.

To manage such a machine, its owner will have to have a pilot’s license.

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