Flying Whales: Fitzgibbon would be “in trouble”

Flying Whales: Fitzgibbon serait «dans le pétrin»

The quebec liberals believe that the minister of the Economy, Pierre Fitzgibbon, should be prepared to withdraw “its ball” the project of airships and Flying Whales.

We speak here of airships to transport materials to remote regions, in particular for the mining industry.

The mna Carlos Leitao has estimated that the financial involvement of a chinese partner greatly reduces the chances that the project gets the federal government the necessary permissions to go ahead.

The liberal mna Carlos Leitao is a fear of risk of industrial espionage.

According to the liberal member of parliament, spokesman for economic issues, Mr. Fitzgibbon should even be prepared to wipe a refusal on the part of the ministry of Innovation, Science and economic Development of Canada (ISDEC).

“He would have to work very hard with the lawyers in the department and perhaps other lawyers to see if he can retrieve his ball”, he said in an interview with our Bureau of investigation.

Mr. Leitao judge that Mr. Fitzgibbon would have had to wait until you have received all the green lights from the federal before you disburse an investment of $ 30 million in Flying Whales. “It is a bit much in trouble, because the money has already been invested”, he said.

Our Bureau of investigation reported Monday that the quebec subsidiary of Flying Whales waiting for months for the permission of Ottawa to initiate its activities.

The presence of the giant of the aeronautics chinese AVIC among the shareholders of the parent company, Flying Whales raises concerns for national security in Canada.


Mr. Leitao believes that the involvement of AVIC exposes the quebec subsidiary to the risk of industrial espionage.

“AVIC has a history and reputation of being an instrument of the chinese State, including the chinese army. The issues of industrial espionage are very real.”

In the context of trade tensions between the United States and China, and their impact in Canada, Mr. Leitao believes it unlikely that Ottawa allow the project of Flying Whales.

“This project may not go forward, he said. The government [of Quebec] should find a way out of it.”

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