Focus: no money, walk the UN — saves 38 dollars a day on the escalators

Due to the fact that many countries still have not paid the annual membership dues, the UN is experiencing an acute shortage of funds. As a result, the Secretary-General antónio Guterres ordered to take austerity measures, including to restrict the operation of air-conditioning and heating in the headquarters in new York and Geneva, as well as to stop there escalators. The last step allows you to save $38 a day.

Focus: денег нет, пешком ходите — ООН экономит 38 долларов в день на эскалаторах

Global Look Rheon faced with the “dramatic monetary problem,” writes the German magazine Focus Online. Now the headquarters of the organization even turned off the escalators, which allows you to save $38 a day.

Of course, it’s only a few blocked escalators, but now they represent the most pressing problem for the UN, the newspaper notes: the world organization urgently need the money. Many countries still have not paid my dues, and since October, the UN started to have problems due to lack of funds. Because of this, the UN skyscraper in new York now I save on electricity for escalators.

As reported in the article, is not the only cost saving measure, which ordered the UN chief Antonio Guterres. In addition, the announcement of the termination of employment. Also banned meetings in late hours and travel without the need. In addition, the headquarters in new York and in Geneva will be limitations to work the heating and air conditioning.

All this is because of the 193 UN member States to date has paid the annual contribution for the current year only 134 countries. Germany transferred $169,8 million before 5 Feb. The UN waits on her account will be credited another $1.18 billion Especially painful in this case due to the absence of contributions from the USA, Brazil, Argentina, Iran and Israel. They make up a significant part of the gap in the budget of the organization, says German magazine.

The UN is not the first time not enough money by the end of the year. However, the General trend shows that more and more countries pay fees later. According to media reports, only the United States owed the UN hundreds of millions, including from previous years.

However, fear for the UN is not necessary, said the expert of the analytical center Crisis Group Richard Gauvin, who said that it is only “a problem with liquidity, not financial crisis.” By the end of the year even the United States will fulfill its financial obligations, he said. In addition, Washington is paying huge fees other subordinate UN organizations.

Austerity measures seem limited, given that the UN employs thousands of employees around the world. In response to the request to the UN said that stopping the escalators saves you $14 thousand a year, that is $38 a day.

These measures, in the first place, attracted the attention of journalists: their offices are on lower floors which are usually easily accessible via escalators. Now they either have to use the painfully slow elevators or walk the stairs. Some even suspected that secretly prepared maneuver. According to their theory, the UN has decided to piss off reporters to draw attention to have not received the payments — which, by the way, it worked, said the German magazine.

It is not surprising that the daily press conferences of the speaker of the Secretary-General antónio Guterres, along with questions about crisis regions in Iraq, Yemen or Sudan recurs another topic. Correspondents interested in, why not, at least, to leave the stopped escalators open for passage, instead of their block.

According to the remark of the author, the official representative of the United Nations it was difficult to keep the seriousness when he talked of how dangerous can be stopped escalators with their high steps and “extremely sharp and metallic” edges. On the persistent question of the correspondent about why in Geneva, the escalators are not blocked, speaker of the UN in new York explained that he is an expert only on North American escalators.

Then at the next briefing was a new idea: is it possible to save on something else — for example, to entrust the care of lawns, UN the sheep? The representative of the organization in connection with this suggested to contact the new Zealand office of the United Nations, however, this is not helping: the escalators are still not working, concludes the Focus Online.

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