[FOLDER] Vaccine and treatment sought : the race to the remedy in order to curb the COVID-19

[DOSSIER] Vaccin et traitements recherchés : la course aux remèdes pour freiner la COVID-19

While the planet is fighting against the COVID-19, scientists around the world are trying to find a drug and ultimately a vaccine to stop this new coronavirus. In collaboration with our columnist Richard Béliveau, phd in biochemistry, our reporters have a round-up of this war to the invisible enemy, conducted in laboratories in the four corners of the globe.

The labs of the planet in the war against the coronavirus

The current pandemic of COVID-19 has resulted in an unprecedented mobilization of the international scientific community to identify drugs that can neutralize the virus or reduce the complications of the infection. Vaccination remains the most effective approach to fight infectious diseases of viral origin, and the discovery and large-scale production of a vaccine against the coronavirus represent one of the main goals of the current research. However, several other approaches to antiviral are also under study and could contribute significantly to reduce the mortality caused by this virus.

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Why is it taking so long to develop a vaccine?

Develop a safe and effective vaccine, it takes time ! If it is often said that “12 to 18 months” in recent times, it is important to know that this scenario is very optimistic, since it normally takes five to ten years on average to find a vaccine to be optimal.

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We will know in June if the colchicine is effective

The devastating effects of the COVID-19 in vulnerable individuals could be neutralized by colchicine, an anti-inflammatory already existing. The results of the study highly financed by Québec are expected by June.

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“Prudence” with the chloroquine

Even if Donald Trump and a French scientist are promoting it for weeks now, there is no indication yet that chloroquine, a drug used to treat malaria, it is really effective to treat patients with the COVID-19, prevents a key advisor to the government of Quebec.

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Here is the treatment that might be approved in the first

Presented as the medicine is the most promising by the world Health Organization (WHO), the antiviral remdesivir raises hope in the fight to the COVID-19, but its effectiveness is still far to be demonstrated.

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A quebec study is going well

A team of French and quebec researchers, led by Dr. Guy Boivin of the CHU de Québec, update on the use of existing drugs to stop the virus in order to save time.

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A cure of Quebec ?

Companies in Québec are taking part in the mad dash toward the development of a vaccine against the COVID-19, a sprint that the whole planet began with a length of delay on the virus. “It’s like trying to build a plane at the same time we must make it fly so everything goes fast,” says the executive officer of Medicago.

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Already 5 tests on humans

A real race in the development of vaccines against the COVID-19 is committed to across the globe. According to an international count done by the world health Organization (WHO), three experimental vaccines are currently undergoing initial tests in humans, in the United States and China, while at least 67 other vaccines (including the one developed by the company Medicago in Quebec) are at the stage of preclinical trials. In the last few days, we learned in addition to trials on humans have been approved in China on two other experimental vaccines. This brings to five the number of vaccines being tested on humans in the world.

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The plasma of convalescents to neutralize the coronavirus

Several studies are currently examining whether the transfusion of antibodies produced by survivors of the COVID-19 could help to cure patients affected by the disease.

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False remedies here and elsewhere that you need to be cautious

Some are harmless and wacky, others are absolutely harmful or even fatal: the false miracle cures, totally inefficient to protect or heal the COVID-19, abound on the web. Misinformation spreads as quickly as the virus and some malicious sites take advantage of to sell false drugs in order to gain access to your banking information.

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Artificial intelligence to prevent pandemics

While all eyes are on the race to vaccine and medicines to combat the coronavirus, a number of researchers are trying to develop a method to better detect and monitor the pandemic.

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In the meantime the vaccine…

There is a good and a bad news, in the folder presented by The Journal on the research to find a cure with the novel coronavirus.

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