Folding electric bikes Xiaomi Transformers can transform

Складные электровелосипеды Xiaomi Transformers умеют трансформироваться

Today went on sale in China foldable e-bike Xiaomi, called HIMO Transformers. Its starting price 2899 yuan (411 $).


The first step is to say that the colours and appearance of the bike meets the main characters of the cartoon the transformers: Bumblebee yellow, Optimus Prime blue and grey Megatron.

Foldable design bike, and a weight of only 14.5 kg makes it a truly compact solution. In the unfolded state the length 955 mm, height 485 mm, folded length 230 mm, height 455 mm.

Складные электровелосипеды Xiaomi Transformers умеют трансформироваться

The steering wheel features a dashboard with LCD display which shows current speed and remaining charge in real time. Also the bike is equipped with led headlights high brightness.

Brushless DC motor produces a nominal power of 180 W, voltage 36 V, a maximum design speed of 18 km / h Loading it can not weigh more than 75 kg and it is equipped with an electronic brake, a linear brake are controlled seamlessly, safer and more evenly than traditional.

The battery was placed in a retractable compartment, it can be charged fully in 4-6 hours, and this will allow you to travel on electric power up to 30 km.

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