Folha: Brazil tries to protect the interests of the United States at the BRICS summit — but others may not like it

Folha: Бразилия попытается защитить интересы США на саммите БРИКС — но остальным это может не понравиться

Brazilian diplomats will try to convince the other members of the BRICS not to include in the summit Declaration, which is being held in Brazil, those provisions that “conflict with the interests of the U.S.,” says Folha. But the content of the final Declaration difficult to predict, because Brazil is the friction with other members of the BRICS and other issues, the article says.

The administration of the President of Brazil Jaira Bolsonaro decided to support the US position, so try to convince other members of the BRICS to remove from the documents to be signed at the summit of the Alliance, all provisions which are contrary to the interests of Washington in the middle East, predicts the Brazilian newspaper Folha. The Ministry of external relations of Brazil will promote this line in the negotiations on the drafting of a formal Declaration of the summit, which also involved representatives of Russia, India, China and South Africa, the article says. In addition, according to the newspaper, Brazil wants to eliminate any criticisms of the reform of the world trade organization, which is supported by the US and which should weaken the “special and differential treatment” for developing countries.

In particular, Brazil will try to eliminate from the official Declaration of the BRICS formulation in defense of middle Eastern UN Agency for Palestine refugees, although in last year’s Declaration of the Johannesburg summit, all members of the bloc reaffirmed their support to UNRWA and called on to supply resources, says Folha. Now, however, Brazil decided to “look on US” and speak out against this language that fundamentally contradicts the view of Russia and China, the paper reported. According to observers, and some other issues related to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, also caused tensions between Brazil and the other BRICS partners. Earlier, the President of the United States Donald trump have reduced U.S. contributions to UNRWA at $294 million It has caused serious damage to hospitals, schools and others necessary for the Palestinian refugee institutions, the author notes.

Another point, causing friction with Iran, the article says. According to informed sources, Brazil opposed the inclusion in the Declaration of BRICS summit, in which States that all members of the United Nations “must, in accordance with article 25 of the UN Charter to accept and carry out the decisions of the UN security Council”. This is because such a formulation, according to diplomats, may be construed as criticism of the United States because last year the administration trump decided to abandon nuclear deal with Iran.

Observers also reported that Brazil was opposed to any criticism of unilateralism, which traditionally was part of such documents and present the text of the Declaration of the last summit of the BRICS. This is because the U.S. imposed unilateral economic sanctions against Venezuela without the approval of the UN Security Council and supported the trade embargo against Cuba, which can be regarded as a violation of international law, the article says. Not casually last week, for the first time in 27 years, Brazil has yielded to US pressure and voted against an annual UN resolution condemning the economic embargo against Cuba, the author stresses.

There are other topics where Brazil is in conflict with the positions of other members of the BRICS, says Folha. For example, the Brazilian government refused to support the “special and differential treatment” in the world trade organization at the request of the United States who want to change this mechanism to China and India “has received an unfair advantage” in trade negotiations, the paper reported. In turn, the US President, Donald trump declared that they would support the aspiration of Brazil to begin the process of joining the “club of rich countries” OECD — although it is not specified exactly how, the author notes.

Disagreements at the summit also raised questions about the extension created by the members of the bloc’s New development Bank of BRICS. The leaders of the bloc he intended to officially announce during the summit about the beginning of the expansion of the Bank, a list of partners is expected to gradually expand from the current five to 20 partners (three from each region). However, Russia wants the presidents of the BRIC countries held the first “political analysis of the prospective members of the Bank”, and not in a hurry to support the accelerated expansion, the article says. In the final Declaration of the summit, apparently, will also include other contentious issues concerning the situation in Venezuela and Bolivia because of the lack of consensus on these issues among the BRICS members, concludes Folha.

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