Folk omens: is it possible to get a haircut on Sunday?

Try to determine the best day for haircut together!

Народні прикмети: чи можна стригтися в неділю?

Our ancestors believed that for every business and event is a special time. Signs large extent determined the life of people. Today, most of them forgotten, and those that we remember, are increasingly subject to doubt. Is it possible to get a haircut on Sunday and some folk beliefs associated with hair are there for that day of the week?

The hair is not just a decoration…

According to the biblical version, the first people had no hair. Before the fall, the mind of Adam and eve was covered with light fuzz, from which came a glow like a halo. This radiance was nothing but a relationship with God and the cosmos. Long hair on the head appeared only after the fall. But even in this form the curls retain our connection with heaven, informs Rus.Media.

This version supports not only Orthodox, but also representatives of many other faiths. Hair is so much different and superstitions. In many esoteric practices of the human hair is considered as the carrier of its energy. Hair is often used in various magic rituals. This means that your own hair must be treated with special attention. Try to figure out whether you can get a haircut on Sunday?

Orthodox superstitions about cutting

In Christian traditions the seventh day of the week special. It is believed that Sunday is meant for prayers, recreation, good deeds and socializing with loved ones. Our ancestors believed that working on this day is sin. The modern pace of life brings about changes in religion. Many professions work on the weekend is no exception – the hairdressers and fashion stylists.

If we turn to the clergy with the question: “is it possible to get a haircut on Sunday the Orthodox people?” – you may even receive a blessing. Provided that a haircut the other day not possible. The priests advise their parishioners to try not to schedule on a Sunday to deal with complex cases and hard work.

There is another Christian trait that is associated with the haircut. Some people believe that to change the hairstyle on Sunday, as high risk to break his relationship with angel.

Hair, Sunday cut – a memory and a mind cut off?

What they say are signs of people: is it possible to get a haircut on Sunday? Orthodoxy discourages but does not forbid a haircut at home day. And here national signs, which are not connected with religion, more categorical. In Ancient Rus the hair is also treated with special respect. It was considered that the woman is simply a disgrace to appear in public with her hair, and even better to hide it under a hat. Shorn hair is definitely burned, sometimes did so, and with hair falling out during combing.

Seventh day of the week was not considered celebratory and joyful. According to the beliefs of our ancestors, it was Sunday activeservice witches and wizards. On this day it was impossible to cut hair and nails, and especially to allow to do it to someone else. Historians suggest that after the Baptism of Rus’, these traditions are intertwined with the Orthodox.

To have survived an interesting proverb: “Sunday hair cut – mind and memory cut off”. It is worth noting that modern spirituality is also not recommending any change in hairstyle this weekend. According to some psychics and healers, haircut in this day of the week can remove the luck from the person and radically change his fate.

Chance for the chronic losers

All national and religious signs are advised to refrain from such a procedure. But really to try makes sense, if you have nothing to lose. Haircut in a day can dramatically change lives. And if you for a long time failed, this could be your chance. No wonder with the change of hair is associated with many positive signs. Many people today believe that with vastectomy the tips of the hair, the wizard saves them from the problems and negativity in life. This means that during the “black stripe” is very useful to visit the hairdresser.

Lunar calendar for hair cutting

Many modern women prefer to look at the lunar calendar before you cut your hair. And if the answer to the question “to get a Haircut on Sunday or not?” has a rather mystical character, the influence of lunar phases on life on earth it is a proven science.

Full Month to change her hairstyle should be those who want to have shiny and silky hair. Favorable time for cutting is growing a Month. If you go to the hairdresser in this period, the hair will grow faster. Many astrologers recommends not to get a haircut on the growing Moon. If you are contemptuous of this guidance, probably your hair will grow back very slowly.

Meanwhile, cut your hair on waning Moon-for those who want to preserve the shape of new haircuts as long as possible. It is also believed that when the hair may change some of their properties, for example, to become more obedient. There is another rule which dictates when you can and cannot get a haircut on Sunday. In the lunar calendar, there are a few unfavorable days to change hairstyles. This so-called satanic days of the Month – 9, 15, 23 and 29-a lunar day. They have to get a haircut is not recommended to anyone.

Best Barber

To choosing a Barber, you should pay special attention. While cutting the master interacts with the energy fields of the client. Well, if you shear a positive person and friendly. There is a sign: “to Cut their hair, change the life”, and it very often works. If you want to gain wisdom, sign up for a haircut to the master, who is older than you. People wishing to prolong their own youth, should visit a stylist younger than themselves.

It is desirable that the master was of the same sex as the client. According to an ancient superstition, the stylist-the man can “destroy” a woman whom he cuts. This rule applies to the opposite situation. After the haircut, be sure to listen to your own intuition. If the hairdresser has caused only positive emotions, will definitely keep his contact info.

There is another important sign associated with cutting hair. Under any circumstances you must not cut himself. This procedure can cause a pleasurable change in your life.

Is it possible to get a haircut on Sunday for modern people?

When and how to get a haircut – this is a personal matter. We live in an age of science and technological progress, many of our contemporaries do not know the people will reject the old traditions. But there are those who believe in the knowledge of their ancestors. If signs are important for you, if possible, try to follow them. Remember that even doing something “wrong” from the point of view of religion or other belief, you can always bring luck to their next act. If you don’t believe in signs, can be cut any day. Don’t forget that any rules apply only when unconditional faith in them.

What to do if you failed a haircut on Sunday?

Often a traditional healer and psychics are people with complaints of chronic bad luck in life. Sometimes the black bar starts after some changes such as moving or cutting. What if things are worse after you have visited the Barber on Sunday?

First of all, try to stay calm and sober assessment of the number and degree of failures. If the number really seems mystical, it is necessary to correct the situation. The easiest way is to get a haircut again, this time in another day. Even if your hair is very short, you can always trim or straighten only the bangs.

Wait a few weeks after re-cutting. If changes have occurred, please seek professional help.