Folk recipe for an elixir against high blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides

Народный рецепт эликсира против высокого артериального давления, холестерина и триглицеридов

The cause of many problems that appear in the human body and are associated with the cardiovascular system, is often incorrect and unhealthy diet. Throughout life your body is like a sponge, collects inside various kinds of toxins and harmful substances that enter into it by eating large amounts of salt, fat, and sweets. And outlet years later a person begins to suffer with his heart. But there’s always a way!

Effective folk recipe for one of the elixir

Feeling the stress, you create additional stress on the heart. The consequence of this is the increased blood pressure, increased concentration of cholesterol and triglycerides. Meanwhile, to date, developed one very effective folk recipe, which will help significantly reduce heart problems.

To prepare the medication you will need one clove of minced fresh garlic, half of a squeezed lemon, half a tablespoon ginger, grated on a grater, Apple cider vinegar in quantity of one tablespoon and the same amount of honey. All of these chemicals needs to be mixed thus to obtain a homogeneous mass. It needs to be put in a jar and refrigerate. Every day, for a few minutes before meals this weight should be consumed in small quantities.

What is the value of the elixir

Consider the positive impact of the elements included in the composition of this tool. The garlic here is the most effective item because it helps prevent atherosclerosis and reduces the amount of cholesterol and the percentage of sugar in the body. Ginger reduces concentrations of triglycerides, and also reduces the percentage of cholesterol.+

In addition, this plant is necessary for those who suffer from diabetes, phronesis alcohol syndrome or renal failure. Apple cider vinegar has the same properties, leading to normal sugar, and the insulin concentration. In this regard, the use of Apple cider vinegar is recommended for those who suffer from diabetes. As for honey, it’s just a universal product, regular use of which will help to protect the body from increasing cholesterol.

Of course the recipe will make your body more healthy. Meanwhile, do not forget about physical training and the maintenance of an organism in norm. So just lead a healthy lifestyle and be healthy!

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