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The owners of the national hockey League have a nice start in the study of several scenarios in anticipation of a resumption of activities, the trade union of athletes on skates will eventually have to decide when it will be consulted to understand their point of view.

But the fact, that think the members of the players Association ?

Brendan Gallagher has the best summary of the situation last week.

“I believe that if we need to play hockey after the 1st of July, it is necessary to obtain the agreement of the players Association. For the moment, all scenarios considered are strictly suggestions of the owners, at least, I think so. Then, will come a time, I guess, where we are invited to reflect on the protocol of return to work. “

Good, it’s done. The players Association and the owners have decided to form a committee to study various scenarios because it is believed more and more that there will be recovery activities.

Issues various

Paul Byron and Gallagher are the two representatives of the Canadian with the players Association. They are not part of the committee. What is of concern to the players, this is the famous issue of $125 million.

This amount will be placed in a particular account, or will it be distributed to players as the last check for the season 2019-2020, as stipulated in the regulations ?

And I understand the reaction of Gallagher when he analysis the situation. If you want to complete the season, there are several players who will wear the uniform for a dozen games at most and then leave their equipment.

Others will have to fight for qualification to the playoffs. And then there are the players for training virtually qualified for the Stanley Cup series.

“The ultimate goal remains the victory. We are preparing for the victory. In the current context, there are several elements to consider, says Gallagher. The players will be in very good shape to complete the season ? Those are the teams that are already eliminated will they want to avoid
injuries and better prepare for the season 2020-2021? “

financial disaster

The decision makers in the professional sport were among the first to take important steps to counter the pandemic. But, they should not continue their mission in being a total discipline ?

I hope that Gary Bettman will be of great prudence, and I dare to believe that the players will also go a very long reflection.

The owners of the national League are likely to suffer another hard blow on the financial plan. I’ve said, a few days ago, that the agreement of the league with the holders of television rights in Canada had been negotiated in canadian currency. However, yesterday, we learned that the canadian dollar may well be at 60 cents us over the next few weeks. He remains six years to the present contract which is binding on the broadcasters to the owners of the league.

Moreover, the cancellation of the season could well have an impact on the rights holders. Therefore, one canadian dollar in free fall would result in a financial loss of nearly $ 1 billion.

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