FOM: the Number of patriots in Russia for seven years has increased by 9%

ФОМ: Число патриотов в России за семь лет увеличилось на 9%

The number of Russians who consider themselves patriots, for the last seven years increased by 9%. These are the findings of the research Fund “Public opinion”, reports TASS.

Currently, 73% of Russians call themselves patriots. Most often this quality is found in people in the age group of 31 to 45 years with higher education (84%), as well as among citizens from 46 to 60 years (78%). The most Patriotic Russians met in Moscow (80%) and the southern Federal district (79%).

48% of respondents said that patriotism is the result of Patriotic education. Another 42% identified other criteria, and 10% were undecided.

69% of respondents believe that a true patriot does not remain indifferent to the environment. Still the same number of respondents believes that love of country is manifested in the fact that the person is not avoiding service in the army, and 68% said it is necessary to know the history of the state.

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