Food as the enemy of intimacy: 5 everyday foods that can kill your libido

Еда как враг интимной близости: 5 ежедневных продуктов, которые могут навредить вашему либидо

If you notice fatigue in the middle of the day, or even morning, if you slept today? How often see a similar condition? Whether it is connected directly with your health or is determined by other, for example, environmental factors? The level of our energy depends not only on relax or sleep, and dietary habits. In particular, the favorite foods could be the main enemy for your libido!

Instead of passionate love sound sleep with the snore

Many couples flirting over dinner, to bring a level of passion to the limit, but often after a meal, desire intimacy disappears altogether, or is replaced by a feeling of drowsiness and fatigue. Most likely, this misunderstanding is determined by the components of your evening meal! You want to avoid some anti-aphrodisiacs as elements of dinner to provide a passionate evening without any stomach problems, and other similar effects. Suggest before a passionate night of love to abandon the following products.

1. Beans

These protein foods have long appreciated the fans of healthy eating — not in vain, because the beans contain a high amount of fiber and antioxidants that will support your shape. But along with these beans is the anti — aphrodisiac, and even with the accompanying gaseous factor. Maybe concerns about flatulence and exaggerated, but during intimate contact it is better to have because of their distinguishing feature, rather than regret it later on excessive use.

2. Milk chocolate

This tasty treat is filled with anandamide and phenylethylamine, two compounds that cause the release of endorphins in the body due to physical activity of all kinds. Popularly known as an aphrodisiac, cocoa contributes to the fact that the skin becomes more sensitive. But it can also unintentionally make a person lethargic.

Dr. franc Wolves of Beverly hills, a psychotherapist, says:

“Most people think of “chocolate” as aphrodisiac, but by analyzing his patients, I can say that chocolate makes them tired and temporarily reduces their libido and libido”!

3. Fish

If you decide to visit a restaurant that serves seafood and eat oysters or fish together with your partner, try to limit consumption of fish delicacies. According to one study from 2013, the unfavorable industrial tools such as polychlorinated biphenyls, are banned in the United States, can mimic natural human hormones, cause cancer in adults, and have dangerous consequences for reproductive health. What is really there libido!

4. Fried foods

Indulge yourself in fatty foods such as burgers and nuggets, this food is not contributes to the quality of love. It is known that the TRANS fats in fried foods sharply reduce the willingness of both partners. The side effect of excessive consumption of such food may be a sharp increase in the number of unhealthy sperm and decrease the chances of pregnancy in women. Men and women should avoid eating French fries just before bed matters.

5. Popcorn from the microwave

This popular snack is perfect to satisfy hunger, however, can significantly reduce libido. Chemical substances used in the inner lining of bags for making popcorn in a microwave oven, and contained in non-stick pots and pans, causes reduction of libido in men. According to another study, conducted in 2009, the packaging of popcorn contains perfluoroalkyl acids like PFOA and PFOS, and they are known to significantly lower the amount of sperm produced.+

Avoid daily food anti-aphrodisiacs to keep your libido in good form always. Don’t forget to include in your diet foods that contain complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, eat balanced on a daily basis to be in good health and suitable for active holidays!

You can learn more about the products that “steal” activity and to eliminate them completely from your diet to be charged for new achievements constantly, be it success in career or meeting with old friends after a hard day! Of course, in bed too!

In any case, do not take to bed with a popcorn — you have things much more interesting! High — boiled egg!

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