Food delivery service: Uber in talks to buy Postmates

Livraison de repas: Uber en discussions pour racheter Postmates

LOS ANGELES | Uber has engaged in talks to buy the app again meal delivery Postmates, according to the american press, at a time when the giant california is seeking to compensate for the collapse of the races of the VTC, and on the bottom of big moves in this sector.

Discussions between Uber and the young shoot are underway for an acquisition, the amount of which could reach around $ 2.6 billion, reported on Monday the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, citing sources close to the matter.

No agreement has yet been reached for the time being, they nonetheless warned. Neither Uber or Postmates have confirmed neither wanted to comment on the information of the two newspapers.

The support of the colossus Uber would be welcome for the application is Postmates, a service created nine years ago, but struggling to resist in the face of its many rivals — on a niche in the growing, but highly competitive.

Especially, the operation would allow Uber to strengthen its diversification: with the health crisis of the COVID-19 and containment measures across the globe, the global giant of the reservations of passenger cars with driver (VTC) has seen its business collapse on its core business.

Weakened by the pandemic, the group has lost $ 2.9 billion in the first quarter, almost triple that of a year ago, and decided to dismiss approximately a quarter of its employees.

In this context, he has to resist on Uber Eats his meal delivery service at home, whose revenue had soared from 53 % in the first quarter — although it still represents a small portion of its overall revenue.

To build on this niche, Uber was approached in may the us platform of food delivery service Grubhub, but the discussions had foundered on the price.

It is the group of food delivery anglo-Dutch Just-Eat Takeaway which is now in discussions of advanced to buy Grubhub. Just-Eat Takeaway, the result of a recent merger between the Uk’s Just-Eat and the Dutch Takeaway, wants to impose in the face of the British Deliveroo and Uber Eats in this landscape that is undergoing consolidation.

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